PointsHound Technical Problems with DoubleUp Rates

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PointsHound.com, for those who are not familiar, gives you the opportunity to earn miles (and Bitcoin if you’re into that) when booking your hotel through them.

When they first launched, since PointsHound is considered a third party online booking agent, you were not able to put the stay towards elite status in a program, or earn hotel points.

Later on, they added hotels to their inventory that earned miles and offered the ability to credit the stay towards elite qualification. Called DoubleUp, this is the site’s sweet spot. I went on their site to find some examples, but was unable to locate a single DoubleUp offer. According to View From the Wing, PointsHound is having some problems with the provider of those rates. They are working hard on a solution, and hopefully they will be able to come up with one quickly as this is the part that is most appealing to me.

In the meantime, PointsHound announced a few days ago that the bonus miles that you can earn with their program has increased, and gave a couple examples.

Points example

Just like any hotel booking site, the prices you’ll find on PointsHound are sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive than on other sites. They have a rewards program to prompt you to book with them multiple times. Here’s their chart on the miles earning depending on number of bookings through their site –


If you do not hold status in a program and are shopping around for a good hotel rate, this may be a good way to earn some extra miles at the same time.

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