Magic in Italy Hotel Review: Hotel Sirmione

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We drove over the drawbridge to get to Hotel Sirmione which required careful navigating. Since the peninsula has mostly foot traffic, it took time so as not to bump into a gelato eating tourist or a stroller wheel.


Once across the drawbridge to the left was the hotel. It sits in a prime location, right on the water. We pulled the car right up to the front of the hotel and went to check-in. Since I’ve stayed at this hotel many times this report is a compilation of many stays rather than just one.



There was no one in line at check-in, but the two hostesses were busy. One was on the phone and the other was filling out some paperwork. When it was my turn, the hostess was cordial but seemed rushed. After credit card details were taken care of I received my key for a room on the third floor. Rooms start at around 170 EUR. The best rooms at this hotel have wonderful lake views, and since those are the most popular I had requested it in advance. I took the elevator just to the right of the reception desk up to the third floor. It’s a small elevator and rather slow, so when I don’t have luggage I prefer to use the stairs which are just to the left of reception.

My room was at the very end of the hall and to the right.


Just inside the door was the wardrobe that had plenty of room to hang up clothes.


One of the closet sections held some drawers and a safe.


The king sized beds in the rooms are actually two twins pushed together, but they are connected well so the beds don’t slide apart in the middle of the night like at some hotels.



Above the bed in the right hand side room was a picture of the front of the castle from long ago. I had fun looking at it comparing it to the way things look now.


The bathroom had a single sink but plenty of counter room. There was a walk in shower with full glass sliding doors which was great.


There was also a heated towel rack, which would be great in the winter months.


The amenities were the hotel’s own brand.


There was a nasal spray of special mineral sulphur water, that I declined to use.


The temperature was bordering on hot outside, but the temperature inside the room was nice and cold. The air conditioner worked great.


New this time in the room was an HD box for the TV, although I’ve never turned the TV on.


The rooms are nice enough and have recently been refurbished (and the bathrooms completely redone), but one of the main reasons I stay at this hotel is because of the location. It’s all about the lake views. When facing the lake, rooms on the left side get a view of the moat.


View from left side room.


The view from the right side room overlooks the outside breakfast area and the ferry dock.


The ferries run from the morning until the evening, bringing passengers for a day trip on the peninsula for some shopping and sightseeing.


The balcony in both rooms had a prime view of the lake.




Sitting on the balcony was relaxing, but a sign near the door reminded me to keep the door shut so that bugs didn’t come in the room.


We enjoyed a glass of Prosecco on the balcony. Delivery was free and it only cost $18 for the bottle.


As the sun started to go down the colors of the lake slowly turned from greenish blue to a deeper hue.


The sunset was absolutely stunning.


Breakfast was included in the room rate, and one option was to have it delivered to the room for free! I decided to try it one day and placed my order by filling out the hanging card on the door before going to bed. In the morning, it was delivered exactly at the time it was supposed to be.

There was actually more than enough food, and I was blown away to see such a massive spread.


I took some of it outside and ate on the balcony, watching the ducks make small ripples in the lake while searching for their morning nibbles. I didn’t notice any flies or mosquitos, but there are hanging plants with flowers that the bees love so I found myself constantly swatting away the bees.


Another day I went down to breakfast which was served on the first floor in the breakfast room.



There was an assortment of bread.


Crackers and packaged items.


Jellies and honey.


Bowls of fruit and butter.




There was sliced fruit, as well as whole peaches, plums, and kiwi.


There were local yogurts.


Platters of meat and fish.




Eggs, ham and sausage. In the past the staff wasn’t very good about replenishing items once they ran out, but I noticed this visit that they kept an eye on things and made sure that popular items were restocked.


At breakfast it was a common thing to see people wearing bathrobes and slippers. This was surely due to the fact that the hotel had many spa going guests.

The hotel sits on a natural hot spring which features three elements – Sulphur, Bromine and Iodine. The hotel room had a brochure offering inhalation treatments, mud baths, underwater massage and vascular treatments.


The swimming pool was large and there were plenty of lounge chairs. Unsuspecting guests might have been disappointed to find that the pool was not cold, but fairly warm since it was filled with water from the natural hot spring. There was a little note in the room recommending guests to remove silver jewelry before going in the pool so it didn’t turn black from the minerals.


Next to the breakfast room there was also a lounge and bar, and in the evenings there was often live music.


This hotel has a fantastic location, right in the middle of restaurants and shops. Customer service was not always stellar, but you’d be hard pressed to find another hotel nearby with such phenomenal views. The complimentary breakfast delivered to the room was quite impressive, the air conditioning worked great, and the recently redone bathroom had a proper full shower with good water pressure.

Join me on my Day in Sirmione.

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