Daily Getaways Expedia Coupon For $350 Off Plus +Gold Status

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“Save Now. Getaway Later” is the catchphrase of the US Travel Association’s Daily Getaways. They’ve been offering their Daily Getaway travel deals and packages on weekdays, which started March 23, 2015. Here’s a quick glance at today’s final offer which is for an Expedia+ hotel booking gift card (called a coupon).

Here’s a link to the Daily Getaways Expedia+ Coupon offer.

Many of the packages that were offered this time around were ones that we’d seen before in past years, but today’s offer is new for 2015.

Today’s Daily Getaway is a $1,000 Expedia+ hotel gift card (called a coupon) for $650, which also includes +gold status good through February 29, 2016. Only 1 package purchase is allowed per person, and there are 50 packages available.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.10.48 AM

As a reminder, availability of some offers is limited. If getting an Expedia hotel coupon interests you be ready with your credit card on the website just before 1pm EST for when the deal goes live.

Here’s a booking link.

Breaking down the package, let’s glance at the Expedia+ gold rewards benefits, which typically come after 15 qualifying hotel nights or spending $10,000 on eligible bookings.

Here are the gold+ benefits according to Expedia’s website –

Extended Hotel Price Guarantee and Best Price Guarantee
Get twice the value for your points when you redeem for a +VIP Access hotel
Use your points to book award travel for others
Free amenities like spa discounts and free drinks at select +VIP Access hotels
Earn 2 points per $1 spent on hotels, packages with a hotel, activities, and cruises.
Double-up on flights by earning 1 point per $5 spent and airline frequent flyer miles
Earn 1 point per $1 spent on flight + car packages
No blackout dates when you redeem for Expedia travel
Redeem for a $25 off hotel coupon with as few as 3,500 points
Bonus points accelerator on all eligible bookings (30% for +gold, 10% for +silver)
250 bonus points for +VIP Access hotel bookings
Exclusive travel offers
Service to your community — donate points to St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Priority customer service
Exclusive benefits from dedicated concierge service in Hawaii and Orlando via Expedia Local Experts
Dedicated customer service agents
Room upgrades and flexible check-in and check-out at +VIP Access hotels (subject to availability)

A lot of that sounds like fluff but you do earn points faster and have access to priority customer service. Plus, at Expedia’s +VIP Access hotels you may also get –

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.50.53 AM

The free parking and ground transfers sound interesting, though I couldn’t find a lot of details on that since it is property specific and not a promised benefit for all +VIP Access hotels.

I wouldn’t book this deal because of the gold+ status, and there are some Expedia credit cards you can get that automatically come with gold+ status.

The $1000 coupon for $650 definitely offers great savings. The downside is that it can not be used over and over to complete smaller bookings, but instead can only be used once. Yes, that’s right. After making 1 single booking with the coupon, any leftover amount is null and void. Since Expedia is a third party, you also may not be able to count the hotel stay towards elite status in a hotel chain’s program or receive elite status benefits while there.

I think this Getaway deal is great if you want to make an expensive hotel booking for an independent property since you’ll save $350 off a $1000 or more booking. For smaller amounts though, this coupon doesn’t make sense for me.

I figure this deal will go fast since there are only 50 available, so if you are interested be ready ahead of time and keep hitting refresh. Good luck!

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