Starwood To Source 100% Cage-Free Eggs

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Starwood Hotels and Resorts has made a commitment to source all of its eggs from cage-free chickens by 2020.

I think Starwood’s commitment is a really big deal.

The alternative to cage-free is placing chickens in battery cages, which is basically a miserable way for a chicken to spend its life. The average size of a chicken cage is smaller than a piece of letter paper and the chickens spend their whole life there. They cannot go anywhere else to lay their eggs, either.

Hens that are cage-free can spread their wings, lay their eggs in nests and walk around. It is a big step in the right direction of animal treatment.

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I love hearing stories about how huge companies take steps to improve the welfare of animals or the planet, and Starwood has made some smart choices like eliminating shark fin from all of their properties in 2014.

At home, many of us make the choice to pay a little more for eggs that are from happier, cage-free chickens, and now we can travel and be assured that when staying at Starwood properties (all of Marriott to follow?) the same choice is being made.

This decision might affect the way that sourcing companies raise their chickens. There are over 1,270 Starwood properties worldwide, so that means a lot of eggs!

What do you think about Starwood’s commitment to source all of their eggs from cage-free chickens?

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  1. Ralfinho

    I think it’s well overdue, but better late than never.

    You make a statement, that at home many make the choice to pay a small premium to get eggs from cage-free chickens. On my recent trips to the US I saw some ‘cage-free’ declarations.
    Does that mean that it is still legal in the US to sell eggs that are not from cage-free chickens?

    Here in Germany we basically have the choice between ‘just cage-free’, ‘free roaming’, and ‘organic’.

    So I am just asking out of curiosity, because often there are some differences between our countries. Sometimes it is quite interesting how either the US or Germany is ahead of the other country by far (it’s indeed both ways, depending on the individual topic).

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