Gen Z’s Top Picks for Family Travel Destinations

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If Generation Z could pick their top places to spend vacation, where would they be?

That’s one of the questions that Virtuoso asked their global advisors when putting together their 2017 Virtuoso Luxe Report.

What they found was that Gen Z has a lot of sway over where their families go on holiday. We already know that hoteliers are keen to attract Gen Z’s attention, and the travel industry is watching to see what patterns emerge. Well-traveled from the time they are in diapers, the group known for FOMO (fear of missing out) looks for unique travel moments that they can share via social media.

Curious what their picks are?

Here are the top 10 Hottest Family Travel Destinations for 2017

10. Australia
9. Dominican Republic
8. Turks and Caicos
7. South Africa
6. Costa Rica
5. England
4. Orlando, Florida
3. Hawaii
2. Mexico

And in the #1 spot?


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.09.01 PM

Delicious pizza from of my trips to Italy

I wonder if these locations resonate with Gen Z readers, and if families with a Gen Z influencer are nodding their heads in agreement.

One of my favorite places to visit, I’ve written trip reports about Italy before but never get tired of visiting. The food, weather, sights, and culture of this country all make this an excellent choice in my book too. Great pick, Gen Z!

It’s no surprise to see Hawaii on any list. Orlando, Florida is in the #4 spot, which means that Disney and Walt Disney World still hold sway among kids (and adults too!). As a huge Disney fan, I’m very happy to see this trend continue.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 2.26.32 PM

Here are the top 10 overall family travel trends for 2017

10. Luxury cruises
9. Exclusive use travel
8. River cruises
7. Ocean cruising
6. Cultural immersion
5. Educational trips
4. Touring (guided or private)
3. Celebration travel and mother/daughter or father/son trips (tie)
2. Beach resort stays

And the #1 biggest family travel trend is…

Active or Adventurous trips.

Here’s the infographic from Virtuoso –

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 2.06.28 PM

If you’re curious about Generation Z and more of what they want when traveling, according to Virtuoso’s travel report, they prefer boutique lodges and private residences over cookie-cutter hotel rooms.

As a heartwarming nod to Gen Z’s intelligence and their interest in the world around them, they aren’t just content to sit by a pool all day when on holiday, but want cultural immersion that educates them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 2.32.01 PM

It’s no surprise that they also seek out places that are visually stunning, that they can share with friends/family on social media. This is something that doesn’t just apply to Gen Z, but to anyone with a social media account (which seems like just about everybody).

To see the full infographic from Virtuoso with more information, click here.

If you identify with Generation Z (those born between the late 1990’s and the mid-2000’s), does this sound like you? Or if you have a Gen Z in your family, are any of these destinations on your calendar? Were there any hot family destinations that didn’t make these lists?

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