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I’m Melinda. I love to travel. Mostly with my husband, but sometimes by myself and sometimes with family/friends. As a passionate frequent traveler with elite status in many programs, I found that most reviews I read online didn’t echo my own thoughts or provide enough pictures.

My blog is dedicated to offering helpful hotel & trip reviews, pictures, program analysis, promotions, and tips for those planning a trip, looking for inspiration, learning about how to save on travel, or just wanting to follow along on my adventures from a comfortable chair.

I love to hear from readers! Drop me a line sometime to ask me questions or share your own experiences.

By email – magicofmiles@gmail.com
Twitter – @magicofmiles


  1. Marion Z Murphy

    There is a Pod Hotel on 42nd and 9th – door on 42nd. I know this because it was originally slated to be 23 floors, then they went up to 28 and then they added a bunch of crap on top and my view and light went away ! Can’t miss it. They also have an outdoor space.

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