5% Off Expedia Rate Hotels for NPP Members

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Does the company you work for have an agreement with the group purchasing organization called National Purchasing Partners (NPP)? If so you may be eligible to get 5% off all your Expedia hotel bookings, whether for business or leisure.

If you already have an NPP member ID number (whether employee or owner), go to mynpp.com and register with your member ID number. The passcode is your zip code.

Once logged in, click on “access discount”, which will bring you to Expedia. Log in to your account there, and each time going forward you’ll see a banner at the top.

NPP Banner

Once you select an Expedia Rate hotel and get to the payment page, you can select the automatic code that says, “NPP 5% Hotel Discount” to apply the coupon.

The coupon cannot be applied to packages, so you’d need to make separate transactions for each.

If you’re a business owner and want to join NPP, follow these steps –

Navigate to mynpp.com
Click “Join Now”, select your industry from the market segment menu, and complete the form. You’ll receive an email in the next day or so with your login/password.

Not everyone will be able to access this discount, but there are thousands of employees who have NPP membership and may not be aware that they qualify for the discount. 5% isn’t much, but every little bit of savings is good!

Here’s the Q&A from the NPP Expedia discount page.

Q. Do I need to log into my NPP account before I can access the coupon?
A. No. Once you have registered for the Expedia discount from the NPP site, you can go directly to Expedia.com and you will see the coupon code after you have logged in.

Q. I already have an Expedia account; do I need to create a new one through NPP?
A. No. You can use an existing Expedia account but you are required to visit the NPP site at least once before you can access the discount. After the first successful log in, you can go directly to Expedia to book your travel. You will always have the option to use the NPP coupon code for qualifying hotels when logged into Expedia.

Q. How do I link my existing Expedia account to my NPP account?
A. To link the two accounts, log on to mynpp.com, go to the Expedia page and click “Access Discount Now.” You will be redirected to Expedia’s website where you will be asked to log in. Your accounts will then be linked and you will not have to complete this process again in the future.

Q. Do I need to be signed into my Expedia account to use the coupon?
A. Yes. To view or access the coupon code you must be logged in to your Expedia account that was previously registered through myNPP.com.

Q. Can I use my coupon for anything on Expedia?
A. The coupon is only applicable for ‘Expedia Rate’ hotels which are pre-paid, stand-alone hotels that are booked and paid in full online. The coupon cannot be applied to bundled packages or vacation packages that include a hotel.

Q. Can I use my coupon if I’m booking more than one hotel room?
A. No. The coupon can only be applied to one hotel room at a time. To apply it to multiple rooms, you will need to make separate transactions.

Q. Can I purchase a hotel and a flight at the same time and still apply the coupon code to my hotel?
A. The coupon cannot be applied to bundled packages or vacation packages that include a hotel. You will need to make two separate transactions.

Q. How do I enter the coupon code?
A. You have two options. On the billing and delivery page, you can simply enter the coupon code in the coupon field or you can select the NPP 5% hotel coupon code from the coupon dropdown box.

Q. I can’t see my coupon code on the billing and delivery page.
A. To see the coupon code, you must be logged in to your Expedia account that was previously registered through myNPP.com.

Q. I created or registered my Expedia account with NPP after I booked my trip. Can I apply the coupon for that trip?
A. The coupon cannot be applied to travel booked prior to registration.

Q. I have another Expedia coupon in my account. Can I use two coupons for my hotel reservation?
A. No. Coupons cannot be combined. You must choose only one coupon to apply to your reservation.

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