Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Vienna Part II

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Welcome to Part Two of my Park Hyatt Vienna review. If you missed Part One, please follow the link here.

After a good night’s rest, I was excited to try the breakfast at what so far had been an amazing hotel. Breakfast (and all day dining) at the Park Hyatt Vienna was served at “The Bank” restaurant which occupies what used to be the cashier hall in the Bank of Austria.

Full of high ceilings and old world charm, The Bank had been transformed into an extraordinary space.


Walking around, I realized the high ceilings made the room feel very grand. With Cerulean blue plush seating arranged on intricately patterned flooring, it was a welcoming room yet elegant. Other guests were talking and eating but the sounds were hushed, perhaps because of the size of the room.


Decorations included huge sparkly crystal chandelier balls flecked with gold, and windows lined with colorful stained glass. I could hear the soft clink of juice glasses, and the air smelled fresh.


There were two show kitchens, and in between there was a Chef’s Table with seating for eight.


A grand clock was positioned against the far wall.


There were small tables for two, couches and lots of chairs to pick from.


I finally chose a cozy booth that had a great view of the room and was close to the buffet too.


The beautifully inlaid mother-of-pearl table center held several jellies and honey in addition to the usual place settings. A cheerful server quickly appeared and I ordered some tea, coffee, and juice.


The kitchen team was friendly and constantly in motion. Adding a plate here, slicing some tomatoes there, and refreshing food bowls when amounts got low.


The food was easily accessed along several counter tops, and I was spoilt for choice! Everything smelled wonderful, so I took a plate and made my way around the room.


There were thinly cut meats, with a slicer nearby.


Cheeses were kept fresh under a plastic dome.


An assortment of breads offered including spelt, rye, and a dark crusty European bread.


There were lots of pastries including brioche croissants, poppy seed rolls, pretzel sticks, and a yummy looking coffee cake.


I was delighted to find two kinds of Bircher Muesli.  There was a fruit version with apples and bananas, and one with nuts.


The open kitchen had plenty of fresh and colorful items, and the counters were kept spotless.



The restaurant prides itself on providing sustainable locally sourced foods. Some items such as tomatoes and herbs were found right on the buffet.


There was smoked organic salmon and trout, and a plate of lemons neatly tied with bright ribbons encircling mesh coverings.


There were large bowls of house made granola, cereals, and sliced fruit.


I was given the choice to order off the menu, but I found plenty to choose from on the buffet. Some hot items included sausages, rosemary potatoes, baked tomatoes and mushrooms.


Several ovens were right in the middle of the action, set in the wall behind the Chef’s table.


An extensive wine fridge was on the far wall.


Breakfast was delicious, and the server was very attentive. I savored my perfectly flaky pastries and tea, and watched as more guests filled the room. One could linger over a cup of coffee or tea for hours here. There was also a separate entrance from the street so people who might be meeting guests don’t need to go all the way around the building to enter through the lobby.

After breakfast I went to go check out the spa and pool. Located one level down from the lobby was the Arany (Hungarian for gold) Spa. Eager to get a glimpse, I went in and was immediately stopped at reception since I had a camera in hand. Due to their policy that protects the privacy of guests I was not allowed to take any photos inside, even in rooms where no guests were present. I was asked to leave my camera at the reception desk. I could have snuck by at a later time or used a camera phone but wanted to respect their request so I accepted a super soft and fluffy white robe instead. Most hotel robes are heavy and thick, but this one felt like a soft cloud.


Inside the gym next door there was a window cutout with a view to the spa’s swimming pool below which is housed in what used to be the bank’s vault. The original steel door to the vault was even kept during the refurbishment.


As a nod to its past, the bottom of the pool was laid with tiles that mimicked the size and shape of gold bullion.


On either side of the pool view cutout were workout machines.


The closest of them had a nice view into the pool area.


There were plenty of towels and water bottles.



Later in the day I found myself back near the lobby. Through the first door on the right at the top of the stairs was a corridor.


Walking straight through led to a lounge, and to the right was the Living Room.


Peering through the Living Room’s closed doors I found a richly decorated cigar lounge with soft leather couches and dark wood paneling. A humidor held cigars from around the world, and the hotel offers lockable cabinets in which to store private whiskies. Every time I came by the room, there was at least one gentleman relaxing on the couch or leaning back in a chair while enjoying a smoke.


Continuing up a few steps in the corridor I came to Pearl bar. It was an airy and modern space with views over the Bognergasse. There’s a separate entrance to the bar directly from the street as well.


The cool metallic decor was offset by jewel toned accents.


In addition to champagne, I was offered a special menu of Vienna coffees.


The bar had a list of specialty cocktails and also served small plates of snacks.


When in the elevator I noticed that one full wall of the elevator and a wall in the bar were actually enormous sheets of polished imported marble.


What gorgeous colors.


On my way out of the bar, something as simple as the exit staircase had a modern and elegant feel.


My stay at this hotel was over way too soon. I packed up my belongings and headed down to reception to check-out.


During check-out I talked with a couple members of the staff. They were all very friendly and receptive to my feedback. When I said that it seemed as if no detail had been overlooked in refurbishing the hotel, they encouraged me to look up. There were even intricate patterns on the ceiling, and statues sat atop soaring columns.


What an amazing hotel. I think it a shining example of a restoration done right. The interiors have been fully updated to include all the modern touches that you could want, while carefully preserving the bones and grandeur of the original building. My guess is that this property will fast become a favorite for travelers. Pleased that it is just a Category 6, it offers outstanding redemption value. The hotel has a few small kinks to work out, but I can’t wait to go back again!

Good to go –

+ Hotel has great location within city district of UNESCO World Heritage site, and is close walking distance to restaurants and shopping
+ Christmas market is right across the street in winter, and there is a Theatre in the summer
+ Complimentary wifi for all guests is speedy
+ Just 20 minutes from airport
+ Luxurious fabrics and decor throughout hotel, and attention to detail taken in every area
+ Staff is gracious and helpful
+ 143 rooms have 100 different layouts

Good to know –

– Minibar makes a humming sound and is noisy to open/close
– Lighting control pads are confusing and do not dim down even at night

How many Magic stars did this hotel stay earn? 5 stars out of 5

Hyatt Category 6. 25,000 points for a free night, or 12,500 points + $150 Cash & Points redemption.

Park Hyatt Vienna

Did you like this review? Here’s a video of the suite, and a Room Service Review. Enjoy!

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  1. Greg

    Thank you for the great pictures and thorough review, your blog is Fun!
    Of the two, Park Hyatt Paris or Park Hyatt Vienna, which is your fav?
    Thanks again for your blog, my new daily read.

    • Melinda

      Hmm, tough choice! I still lean towards Paris Vendome but I think I’d need to have another stay at each. 😉 Thanks for reading and for the kind words Greg!

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