Fairfield’s New 100% Customer Satisfaction Initiative

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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott introduced something new yesterday. Not Frette linens, lobster caviar frittatas at breakfast (although that actually sounds great right now), or a 3 for 1 deal. It’s something even better.

Fairfield has trained each of their employees to be empowered to fix guest issues. Called the Fairfield 100% Guarantee, they are hoping to be able to address and remedy guest issues quickly and efficiently. I think this is great news because so often there are problems at a hotel that could be resolved to a guest’s satisfaction, if only there was someone that could take action. When a manager isn’t available and a guest is unhappy, telling the guest that they will be contacted by someone in a few hours or the next day frustrates the guest even more.

Fairfield is hoping their new plan will help travelers have a more seamless stay and make those bumps in the road less stressful.

Shruti Buckley, VP and global brand manager for Fairfield Inn & Suites said, “Our guests are our number one priority. We promise they will be satisfied during their stay or we’ll make it right. That is our commitment.”

Do you think the new 100% guarantee will work well?

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  1. Dawn MCDowell

    It sounds like a great idea. However I have been trying to get satisfaction now for a month and a half since November 15th, 2014. My family checked into the Fairfield Inn Orange burg SC. Our room was infested with lady bugs and we immediately went to the front desk to notify them. A nice young lady apologized but said they had no other rooms to put us in but to let the front desk know in the morning. That should have been done for me and would certainly follow up though it wasn’t. We had to kill them and clean them out ourselves only to find that they were continually coming back in. While lady bugs are small they were a tiny nuisance and when I say infestation I mean it and to top it off we had no hot water. I went back to make them aware of that apparently several people had problems with their water. The next morning a nice woman said we can refund your money but when she opened my reservation and saw I paid with cash said she couldn’t that if I had paid with a CC she could. She offered me points which was not acceptable to me and then said they could refund my money by mail. She apologized saying they were under new management and that they were aware of the problems and were working hard to fix the problems the hotel had. I however have not received my guaranteed satisfaction. I have called the hotel almost weekly giving them the same information. I am assured each time I call that may message would be given the manager Wes my information and he will call me. I even called back again this morning after calling yesterday. I have escalated to the corporate offices in MD. We will see what happens.

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