Hotel Review: Hilton Copenhagen Airport

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The Hilton Copenhagen Airport was named Best Business Hotel in 2013 by Business Destinations. For a recent stay in Copenhagen I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Arriving at Terminal 3, the signs for the hotel were easy to follow and led me up an escalator as though I was going to the Metro, down an escalator and just a few more minutes through a covered walkway. Soon I was in the lobby, which had very high ceilings. As I stood at reception for check-in and turned back to look at the way I came, I saw the arrivals and departures screens that were conveniently just above the doors leading back to the Airport.


I was staying on a cash & points rate, so the cost was 20,000 Hilton HHonors points plus 69 DKK. Great redemption, since the going rate for a last minute reservation was around $300 and 69 DKK came out to be about 11 USD.

When checking in I asked if any of the Executive Plus rooms were available, since I knew those were bigger rooms than standard and had been remodeled recently. I was in luck, and the host was pleased to tell me as a Diamond I was “triple upgraded” to that type of room.


On the way to the elevator bank I passed the lobby bar.


I stopped for a minute to take a look at a chair with signatures all over it. The sign said that famous people were welcome to sign, and then once full the chair would be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Danish Red Cross. Pretty cool.



As a nod to the hotel’s spa, a small table and some figurines were set up nearby with a card reminding visitors that the spa was located on floor 2.



The hotel is shaped in a square with rooms all along the perimeter of each floor.



I was glad to find that my room was not near the bank of elevators. Looking at the layout, I could tell easily which rooms were the Executive Plus ones by their slightly larger size.


There were two closets just inside the door, with plenty of hangers.


I liked the muted tones of the room. It looked bright and inviting on a rainy day. The smooth wooden floors were very comfortable underfoot too.


The bathroom had more than enough space.


Instead of lacking for towels, this room had four smaller ones and four large ones.


Peter Thomas Roth amenities were featured, and there were two sets instead of one even though I was just there for one night.


The separate shower worked well, though I noticed twice that the temperature fluctuated. A warm shower would suddenly turn hothothot! for a few seconds and then return back to normal. It was just occasional though, and I didn’t recall that happening on previous stays. Good showers that are separate from the tub are not common in European hotels so I was grateful for this one.


The tub was set up for showers as well for those who preferred a handheld.


A temperature gauge was near the coffee & tea area, and worked well. There were two bottles of still water that were complimentary. In the bathroom there was a faint constant sound like water rushing through pipes when the heat/air was on, but I just closed the door which muffled the sound well.


The minibar was weighted, so I carefully closed the door after this picture.


The soft blue chair was very comfortable, and the stool was easy to move about.


It had a soft suede-like material that instantly gave it a homey feel.


A welcome amenity of some Acqua Panna still water, some chocolates and a handwritten note were waiting on the small table.


Near the TV I put my suitcase on the rack, and if I had needed a drawer, there was a very big one underneath.


The desk was set up with two chairs, but a third was nearby if needed.




For those staying longer than a single night or perhaps wanting to spread out their stuff, a long shelf was near the desk.


I zeroed in on the two outlets near the desk, and used those for charging.


A nice Bang & Olufsen speaker was on the desk too.


The bed had lamps on both of the night tables, and individual reading lights as well. There were two synthetic and two down pillows.


One side of the bed had a spa brochure as well as the alarm clock.


When I’d walked into the room, the drapes were drawn just a bit, giving the impression that the whole wall was floor to ceiling windows. There was indeed a floor to ceiling window, but it was not the full length of the wall. No matter, the view was still nice.




The Executive Lounge was located on the 12th floor and is open from 7am-11pm except on weekends when it opens at 7:30am.


In the evening, the fireplace was lit and a few guests were talking in hushed tones to one another.


I was welcomed when I entered, and even though there was no key card access needed to get in the Lounge itself the elevator requires a keycard coded with lounge access in order to reach the 12th floor.


I appreciated the small note that was placed just before the buffet about dietary inquiries.


Since it was evening, chocolates, cakes, cheeses and snacks were offered.



Before going back to the room I stopped off on the 2nd floor to take a look at the Ni’Mat spa. It was just to the left of the elevators, and the fitness center was a small room just off to the right once inside the spa.

As soon as I entered the spa area I was greeted and asked if I wanted to come in. Guests are charged 125 DKK, about 20 USD. Silver, Gold and Diamond members are granted free access. Very nice! Non-hotel guests are welcome too, at a rate of 250 DKK. Of course I said I’d love to take a look around, and she led me back to the changing area. The sounds of soothing spa music and the quiet lapping of the water in the pool, the warm air, and candlelit room won me over immediately. The spa definitely sets this hotel apart from others.


As we walked, she pointed out their Garra Rufa fish spa which was available for DKK 150.


A sauna was set up in the corner, with a shower next to it. Tubs nearby could be used as a part of some of the treatment packages, though I would have felt a little strange sitting in a tub in the middle of the room especially since the tubs could be viewed by those who were just coming in or on their way to the fitness center.


The main room was dotted with velvety sofas, small tables with candles, and the ceiling was filled with a “starry” sky. I was given a robe and slippers and after changing was told to take a quick shower to rinse off before getting in the pool. Spa bath products were provided, as well as a locker to store my clothes.

The salt water in the pool was cool and refreshing, but it was slightly heated to take the chill off. The pool wasn’t huge, but it was impeccably clean as was the entire spa area. It was also a very welcome surprise.

If I had been jetlagged, a trip inside the large Golden Egg for 20 minutes would have been recommended for DKK 200. Described as a silent chamber, the absence of noise and light was said to refresh and rejuvenate. There were all sorts of massages available too, but I was perfectly content to just swim around in the pool.


In the morning I went up to the Executive Club to take a look a breakfast.


There were meats and cheeses and accompaniments.


Milk and cereals.


Breads and pastries.


There were some bottled drinks available, and huge bottles of Acqua Panna were there if I had just wanted a glass of water.


There were also some nuts and seeds if I wanted to put them in my cereal or yogurt.


Lounge breakfast.


The lounge breakfast looked just fine, but I decided to go downstairs to have breakfast in the Horizon restaurant instead. It was located on the 1st floor just past reception and breakfast was served daily starting at 5:30am.


At the entry I was asked my room number by the hostess who asked me if I had any colleagues with me. I did not, so she gave me the choice of a couple two seater tables.


I was offered coffee or tea by a waiter, and there were also several juice dispensers.


There was the same fresh fruit, yogurt and breads as in the Executive Lounge but also a hot selection of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans in tomato sauce (though that container remained empty the three times I checked it), and mushrooms.



There was a tower of pears, platters of meat, fish and cheeses, and specialty items could be ordered as well.



The carrot cake was popular, and after a plate was finished I saw another brought out.





After breakfast I went back to the room, and requested a late check out since my flight wasn’t until the early evening. It was immediately ok’d, and I didn’t have any issues with the housekeeping staff knocking to see when I was leaving.

During check-out, everything was going well until the hostess mentioned a charge for breakfast. I was surprised, and said I had only had the buffet in the Horizon all day restaurant. She said that I should have enjoyed breakfast in the Executive Lounge upstairs, but without my asking said she’d remove the charge. I thanked her and left, but wondered about it. I had stayed at this hotel and Diamonds were allowed to choose between either the Executive Lounge or the Horizon restaurant for breakfast, but maybe they had changed their policy? Or maybe it was because I had been on a cash & points reservation? I hadn’t signed anything at breakfast, but they had taken down my room number. Looking on the website I didn’t see anything that clarified, but I’d definitely ask at check-in next time.

The hotel itself I would have given four stars to, but the spa was just so neat that I had to up the rating a bit. The spa is even open to those just passing through on a layover (albeit for a small fee), without a reservation at the hotel. This is a really great option for anyone that is jetlagged or simply wants to relax and freshen up for a bit.

Hilton HHonors Category 7. 30,000 – 60,000 Hilton HHonors points for a free night.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport

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Good To Go

+ Ni'Mat spa and saltwater pool are outstanding and relaxing, free for HHonors Silver and higher
+ Spa/pool/sauna open to travelers not staying at hotel too, for 250 DKK
+ Executive Plus rooms are remodeled and extra spacious
+ Wifi was fast

Good To Know

- Shower temperature was occasionally inconsistent

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 4.5/5 Magic Stars
  1. Brian Cohen

    Thank you for your review of this hotel property, Melinda. It reminded me of my excellent stay there several years ago; and I watched the sun set over the highway from my room. I too enjoyed the Executive Lounge and what it offered.

    Did you take the quick train ride to Malmö in Sweden?

    • Melinda

      Thanks for reading Brian! This time it was just a quick stop for me in Copenhagen so the next morning I hopped on a flight to Stockholm. Next time though. 🙂

  2. Alex

    Excellent review :). looks like I’ll have to pop a visit over to cph on my way to Athens next time!