Review: Brand New Ritz-Carlton Bali Part 4

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This review is the fourth in a series about the new Ritz-Carlton Bali resort. To read from the beginning please click here. Once I had hopped, skipped and tightrope-walked along the terraces I got to the path below.


I then had a direct view back to the reception building.


I walked along the path in the opposite direction of reception, passing koi ponds.



The cool white steps led me up to the main infinity style pool which overlooked the Indian Ocean.



There were several entry points into the pool via stairs.




Some lounge chairs were in a splash pool area for those who wanted to be dry with the option to dip their toes in.


There were shaded options too.


The multi-leveled deck area had a gentle step down into the sand where there were more lounge chairs.


From the pool area I also saw a signing showing the way around the resort. It made more sense looking at that, realizing that the Pool Pavilions aren’t meant to connect to the center walkway since the path just outside the front door led around to the same place.


I took a walk to the far side of the grounds. The pristine Wedding Chapel stood out even from a distance, and as I came closer I saw that it also had a gorgeous view of the ocean.




The building with guest rooms nearest the chapel was still under construction, as evidenced by the green fence around the building as well as the sound of hammering and drilling. Comparing pictures on Ritz’s website, and noticing the railing for the pool by looking up at the unit, I figured that  the corner room on the top level was a Sky Suite.


Here’s the pic from their website, which shows the water and wedding chapel in the distance.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 2.24.36 PM

The Beach Grill restaurant was close, and seating inside had panels to open up to the outside as well.


From the beach grill the path led down to the beach.


A sign welcomed me.


The grains of sand were thicker and coarser than at other beaches, but the view was still gorgeous.



The largest of the villas at the Ritz Bali, the Ritz-Carlton Oceanfront Villa is right off the beach. It is, in fact the only beachfront villa at the resort.


The villa is a 3-bedroom unit, and although there are no pictures up on the Ritz website yet here are a few taken right from the beach. I could see that there was a private pool, but the wall in front of the villa didn’t really make it super private since anyone walking by the beach could see over the walls.


Checking the Ritz website for a couple random weekend dates in September, the daily rate for the villa came to $9,968!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.48.03 AM

The 7,265 square foot villa has a kitchenette which includes a microwave, but just a mini-fridge.


Just past the villa on the beach was the edge of the resort, and a small booth was stationed with an attendant to overlook security for those wanting to enter the resort. The villa was set back from the beach by a couple levels of landscaping, but if paying 9K a night for a villa I’d want someone checking on those walking in front of my villa too.


Walking back from the pool to the room I noted that some of the nicest beach chairs were near by, though perhaps because the resort wasn’t fully finished yet many of the cushions were still covered.


The views were great though.


Breezes, the resort’s pool bar and tapas lounge was located to the side of the pool, but far enough away so that anyone wanting to stop by for dinner didn’t feel like it was right up against the swimming area.


Of the Pool Pavilions, some were more private than others when I was walking around on the resort paths.

Here’s one from the right side of the map taken from the path that goes right by on the way to the pool and beach.


One in particular was not only close to the walkway but also across the path from some noisy mechanical equipment that was cleverly hidden behind a wall.


Looking at the map again of the resort, if choosing a Pool Pavilion I wouldn’t personally choose the ones closest to the main swimming pool if I wanted more privacy because the pathway wound right by them so anyone could look down into the pool and on the deck.


For the Sawangan Jr Suites with Lagoon Access though, the opposite would be true. The lagoon on the left side of the map (fuzzy, but #38) is very long and shared between two buildings. I think I’d prefer that one over the ones in buildings 31, 32 or 33 because the lagoon is larger and also the resort on the left hand side is raised higher than on the right so even though the path goes right in front of the lagoon of building 38, you are not standing high up looking down on the lagoon. Here’s a pic facing back towards building 38 from the path.


Hopefully the foliage will grow quickly to cover some of the open spaces.


The Sky Villas seem to be in good locations – up high and facing the ocean.


If choosing one of those I’d try to find out if there was going to be a wedding during my dates, and if so I’d pick the one on the far left of the map. If no wedding, than assuming construction is still going on at the resort next door I’d prefer the one nearest the chapel.


Here’s a pic of the left hand side of the resort, and the construction going on next door.


The Ritz Bali seems to be slowly opening up their suites and villas, and adding more photos to the website. One day as I was swimming and watched as a photo shoot took place. A girl in a brightly colored dress walked along the path in the middle of the resort as a man with a sun umbrella followed closely.


They stopped, and the photographer handed her a tower of what looked like fruit to place on her head. She posed, angling this way and that in the hot sun. The photographer would take some shots, and then they’d move further down the pathway and do some more.


Hopefully more info and reviews will be available soon so that people can get a little feel for the resort before arriving. Thanks for reading along, and here’s Part 5.

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