9 Things Travelers Only Do in Hotel Rooms

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Staying in a hotel can be a fun time to throw your stuffy household rules to the wind. There’s something about being in a hotel room that coaxes a staunch “use a coaster for your drinks, please” advocate into a wilder you. Hang on to your party hat and find out 9 things people do in hotel rooms that they don’t dare to do at home.

1. Eat breakfast in bed, dinner in bed….who cares about crumbs? You won’t need to lug out your vacuum cleaner, since housekeeping will clean it all up in the morning like fairies while you’re out and about.

DSC05663Breakfast in bed

2. Jump on the bed. Yes, even you adults. Everyone is a kid sometimes. If you’re reading this in a hotel room and can’t remember the last time you jumped on a bed, get up and give it a bounce or two. You might feel silly but it’ll be fun. Just remember that ceilings are a lot lower than they were when you were a tot.

3. Pay exorbitant prices for a tiny snack. Snickers Bars, Pringles, water, juice and alcohol all cost much much more than you’d be willing to pay if you were at home. It’s called the convenience factor.

MinibarMinibar menu at Penha Longa Resort

5. Eat yummy, non-diet foods. Your pantry at home may be stocked with quinoa, Ho Shou Wu and pitted prunes, but while staying at a hotel you might “cheat” a little or a lot and gorge on pasta, breads, dessert, and anything else that your diet doesn’t allow at home.

DSC03477Maybe just one bite

6. Watch movies and TV. With no pets to feed, no plants to water and a TV right in front of the bed, hotel rooms make it easy for you to turn on the TV and flip through the channels.

tvNew TV at the Park Hyatt Vienna

You can also buy movies with the touch of a button, and now that Marriott is bringing Netflix to their hotels you can get caught up on House of Cards.

7. Adjust the temperature. Even if you keep your home set at a standard temperature to save money, once you get into your hotel room you either delight in a setting ideal for keeping a Polar Bear happy or crank up the heat to a balmy 74.


8. Walk around naked. It’s not like you didn’t lug a big suitcase with you, stuffed so full you had to sit on it to get it to zip. Once the hotel door is closed, half-clothed and fully naked seem to be de rigueur. Maybe the warmer 74 degree temperature has something to do with it.

9. Use towels exactly once. Although you are great at hanging up towels to reuse at home, in a hotel room somehow they end up in a pile on the floor and don’t get picked up again.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.26.26 PMSoft fluffy towels at Hilton London Heathrow Airport

No need to feel guilty though. You did pay for the room, and may as well enjoy it.

What other things do you do in a hotel room that you don’t do at home?

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