5 of the Coolest Food Themed Hotels

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Are you a foodie? After enjoying a decadent meal, have you ever wanted to retire to a room surrounded by pillows shaped like M&M’s while you slide under a bedspread that looks like a chocolate bar? If so, you’re in luck. Food-themed hotels and rooms are becoming more popular, and here’s a look at 5 fun places you can stay.

5. Food Hotel in Neuwied, Germany.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.37.17 PM

If you’d like to start with a nibble in the lobby of the Food Hotel, there are chairs shaped like shopping carts to remind you that there’s a full supermarket onsite. With an appropriate Supermarket hotel theme, you can load up on groceries and take them back to your room to enjoy. Each themed hotel room is unique, and to name just a few there’s the Royal Meat room, HILCONA Delicatessen room and Chips themed room. You can choose your preferred snacks and drinks from a list (and not just from your room’s theme or else you’d get tired of chips quickly), and if you wander into the bar you’ll find beer crate themed chairs too.

4. Gladstone Hotel in Toronto

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.48.29 AM

The Gladstone Hotel has 37 artist-designed rooms, and the one by Food Network host Bob Blumer is Room 403. Dubbed the Surreal Gourmet room it features a Swiss-cheese canopy and a Froot Loop lined armoire. You can sink back into the puffy marshmallow pillows and enjoy one of Blumer’s complimentary food flicks. I love that the room’s kitchenette comes with a Panini press and set of chef knives if you are inspired to make a couple sandwiches or cook up a gourmet feast. To wash it down there are 9 different wines to choose from (for an extra $39 each). Ready for dessert?

3.Three Ways House Gloucestershire, England

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The Three Ways Hotel has played host to the Pudding Club every Friday night since 1985. The Pudding Club is devoted to “preserving the tradition of the great British pudding”. The meeting starts with a lively speech, follows with a light meal and then there’s the Parade of Seven Puddings with plenty of pomp & circumstance. Their website says the evening is a little naughty too, and to come prepared. I can’t fathom what that means, but consider yourself warned!

After the excitement you can retire to your Pudding themed room. Or, if you are a little wary of the “naughty” Friday night soirees you can simply stay in one of the themed rooms.

There’s the Chocolate Room, Syrup Sponge Room, Spotted Dick & Custard Room, Oriental Ginger Room, Lord Randalls Bed Chamber, Summer Pudding Room, and the Sticky Toffee & Date Room. Can we eat the pillows?

2. Adelphi Hotel Melbourne Australia

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.10.00 AM

The Adelphi is touted as the world’s first dessert themed hotel. Photos of the hotel belie the theme, but it could be described as having an understated richness if you look closely. An ordinary looking stool is actually based on a licorice sweet, and the deep golden tones at the bar are reminiscent of caramel ribbons. Look carefully at the carpets and you’ll see that they are swirled like the inside of a cake. When you check in to the hotel you’ll find a jar of lollipops at the front desk, and sometimes there are bowls of toffee apples as well. The guest rooms each come with a free bowl of sweets including popcorn and house made fairy floss (cotton candy to some). Turndown service brings macaroons, and if that isn’t enough dessert you can enjoy more at the onsite restaurant Om Nom. Enough goodies to satisfy a sweet tooth indeed!

1. Sweet Escape House Orlando Florida

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.35.08 AM

Ok so this last one isn’t a hotel per se, but a vacation home for rent. It’s so amazing that it deserves inclusion in this list. The 8,000 square foot mansion even comes with a warning that guests “2 through 92 never want to leave”. The luxury rental is located on a private 5-acre estate complete with ice cream cone shaped swimming pool, Hershey chocolate slide and a cherry spa. The common entertainment area includes laser tag, pinball machine, karaoke, video arcade, disco club and carnival games. There’s also candy themed miniature golf, a life-sized CandyLand board, S’mores campfire, tetherball and volleyball.

Since this is a themed home, each of the bedrooms has a different theme. There’s a Hershey’s kisses theme, Chocolate theme, Lifesavers candy, M&M Mania, Oreos & Milk, Coke, Pepsi diner, Milky Way Galaxy, and a Carnival theme. Even the common rooms are themed. Bubble-gum themed living room, “desserted” dining room, and a fun cereal killer kitchen.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.37.43 AM

Here’s a video of the property.

A stay at the Sweet Escape luxury vacation home will set you back a minimum of $995 a night (rates max out at just under $1900 a night). You and your family probably won’t get any cavities though, so you’ll save heaps on dentist bills!

Note: All photos were taken as screenshots from the official property websites.

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