Can You Banish Jet Lag in 3 Minutes at this Hotel?

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Some people pop Ambien, others swear by a specific sleep schedule or diet, and although there are many methods for helping with jet lag, sometimes your body clock just refuses to adjust quickly to a different time zone. One hotel offers a different approach to kicking the confusion – cryotherapy.

The Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo is a 278 room luxury property (rooms start at around $384) that is connected to a four story spa.

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The spa, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo has two cryotherapy chambers and is the first spa in Europe to offer the treatments. For those new to whole body cryotherapy, it was started in Japan in the late 1970’s and has evolved to treat many sports injuries, skin diseases, psychological issues, sleep disorders and join pain, to name a few. It may also dramatically improve jet lag symptoms.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly tried it at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. So did Lebron James and rugby player Sam Warburton.

You start off by changing into your bathing suit (no metal pieces allowed). An assistant provides you with huge gloves reminiscent of those that Goofy might own, a face mask, headband, and thick socks.

Once you muster up enough courage, you enter the first chamber which is set at a balmy temperature of-76°F. 10 seconds later, you push through the heavy doors into the next chamber which has a set temperature of an unbelievably cold -166°F. You stay in there as long as you can, with a maximum of two very long minutes before you emerge from the chamber.

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The endorphins released reportedly last much longer than the time it takes you to thaw out, and along with snapping you into the right time zone, pain and inflammation are kept at bay for weeks.

Here’s a link to the hotel’s spa page in case you decide to give it a try.

One session costs €55, or about 64 USD.

The spa also offers everything from massage and microdermabrasion to radio wave treatments and slimming sessions.

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