Celebrating Birthdays in Hotels Plus 31 Days of Giveaways – Day 12

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Yesterday was a very special day in our house – my husband’s birthday! This year we were home, but many times we are traveling and find ourselves in a hotel. It can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday, on holiday with friends/family and in a vacation destination.

I wrote about my wonderful birthday experience at the St Regis Bal Harbour. My husband made arrangements ahead of time so one night when we returned back to the hotel after a romantic dinner out, I was surprised with a delicious personalized cake, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.27.31 PM

Some stellar hotels have noted birthdates in their reservation systems and provide a card with well-wishes, a complimentary dessert or even a cake on the actual date. Others have done nothing but are happy to set something up when contacted in advance.

If you have an upcoming stay and would like to toot the birthday horn for yourself or someone you are traveling with, I recommend sending an email to the hotel’s concierge. Let them know what you would like, and how the hotel can help. Sometimes there is a fee involved. The cake my husband arranged for was made by the chef in the restaurant and the hotel told him in advance that there would be a charge. Other times, the property might offer something for free.

To enter today’s giveaway for a swag bag full of goodies, leave a comment on this post about your birthday. Have you spent it in a hotel before? Did the hotel know it was your birthday and do anything special?

The contest ends at 9pm PST tonight, and for full contest details click here.

Happy Unbirthday (or birthday, as it may be) and good luck!

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  1. J.


  2. Robin

    Well be in Italy for my birthday next year, but not staying at a hotel. I’ve never had a hotel acknowledge my birthday before.

  3. Sean BG

    I had my birthday listed on my Kimpton Karma profile, and when we showed up at the hotel, there were cupcakes along with the usual Inner Circle welcome amenities in our room. Great surprise!

  4. Jennifer Hayden

    WE spent my 40th birthday at Shanty Creek in Northern Michigan.

  5. GeeEmm

    Randy offered to host my birthday next September at HOM… hopefully he hasn’t forgotten. I’ve never been to HOM or even to COS, and it’s been years since I’ve seen our guru, so it will be a pinnacle birthday!

  6. Nancy

    I’ve spent my birthday at a hotel before, but i”ve never asked for the hotel to arrange anything.

  7. Paul

    It’s not birthday, but my daughter will celebrate her 22nd birthday flying back from our Antarctica trip (and having traveled to her 7th continent) in First Class in January.

  8. Karrie

    not yet I havent spent time in a hotel on my bday but would love to

  9. Jason

    When I was staying at PH Tokyo, the hotel check-in agent congratulate me for my birthday when I was checking in. To my surprise, upon entering my room I found a fruit tray with a bottle of water with a simple birthday note. Such a detailed attention really touched my heart and make me want to stay there again in the future!

  10. Denise L

    I once spent my birthday at a hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska but no fanfare.

  11. David

    I have spent many nights in a hotel on my birthday but have never told the home. So nothing special except dinner with my family wherever we are.

  12. Nathan

    I have never spent my birthday in a hotel. Someone in my family always ends up flying into town.

  13. CT

    I spent my birthday in a hotel once, but there was nothing special.

  14. Rick

    Spent it at the Intercontinental SF – they had a nice chocolate cake waiting for me in my room!

  15. Angela

    Never spent my birthday in a hotel

  16. Jerry

    I am celebrating my girlfriends birthday at the Hyatt Chicago in January 🙂 middle of dead winter!

  17. Nathan W.

    Haven’t traveled on my birthday in a long time.

  18. Chris

    Once spent a birthday in Zurich many years ago. No special treatment, but waking up to the view of that lake in January was plenty.

  19. Bob M

    Stayed in a hotel for my wife’s birthday once, I told the manager in advance of the special weekend and they provided wine and chocolates in the room at no charge. Was a Hilton in Brazil, if I remember right.

  20. Darlene

    My birthday is coming up in January, and I leave the hotel that morning and fly back that day. Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe something??

  21. Andy

    I used to get a lovely…e-card every year.

  22. Silver springer

    Last year I was on Bali in the morning of my birthday and I received a cake and floating flower heart for our villa pool the night before. My travel agent arranged for a room at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta when we traveled there on my birthday. I had champagne, flower arrangement, rose petals in tub and a cake after dinner. On checkout I received a card and picture of me blowing out the candles. My birthday is Tuesday and we will be having a quiet celebration.

  23. TJ

    Never have

  24. Nathan

    No hotel has ever done anything for my birthday when I was there at that time.

  25. Dan

    Never spent a birthday at a hotel.

  26. Sandra

    Would like to spend my first birthday in a hotel in Austin, TX.

  27. JRG

    Can’t recall staying in a hotel on my birthday; a few bars, though!

  28. marcus

    I don’t celebrate my birthday.

  29. marc

    Stayed at the W in Washington DC and they came up to give us free wine, fruit, and chocolate. A great time!

  30. elizabeth

    thanks for the giveaways

  31. CnMAZ

    My birthday is a couple of days before Christmas and my husband’s is a couple of days before Halloween and we always try to travel for both of these occasions. Normally the hotel gives us a sweet treat either in the room or at one of their restaurants and a bottle of wine or champagne in the room. We love making our birthday’s extra special by traveling since they are both close to holidays.

  32. r hirsch

    spend my bday on top of a mountain once….alone….in the hotel of my tent. infinite stars!

  33. Frank

    Unfortunately, I havent had a chance to spend my birthday at a hotel, but if I had, I would’ve sure let them know so I can get some goodies.

  34. Rajee

    never celebrate 🙁

  35. Kris

    I took a 2-week trip to Tokyo and Seoul last month for my 50th birthday. I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo while in that city and didn’t say anything about it being a birthday trip when I checked in. But my last night there (I was actually flying from Tokyo to Seoul on my birthday), I came back to my room to find a lovely chocolate treat in my room wishing me a Happy Birthday. And they even gave me a small gift at check out.

    When I checked into the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square in Seoul, the young woman was so excited to realize it was my birthday that she asked to send up an extra amenity to my room. So I would say I’ve had a very positive experience staying in hotels on my birthday!

  36. Amanda

    I stayed at a hotel near Disneyland for my birthday a couple of years ago, but they didn’t do anything special. I was treated well at Disneyland however!

  37. Jamie

    Took my mom to the Conrad Koh Samui for her 60th birthday. I emailed with the hotel prior to the stay and arranged a birthday cake for the 2nd night we were there. On arrival they had written Happy Birthday on the bed using palm leaves, but the cake never showed up on the second day.

  38. Buvan

    I didn’t spend my bday in hotels… But love to celebrate at least once in coming years 🙂 but celebrated my friends in hotel.. yeah its memorable.

  39. Michael H.(oldfox)

    I have never spent my birthday in a hotel, but I wouldn’t have a problem doing that. I have seen many examples of people enjoying a small birthday cake compliments of the hotel.

  40. Samuel

    They knew and sent up a cake

  41. Aurora

    I have never spent a birthday at a hotel.

  42. Marcia

    Never spent my birthday in the hotel

  43. Sherry

    I always treat myself to a getaway for my birthday but never thought to mention it to hotel staff. Thanks for the tip!!

  44. Erik

    The Hyatt Andaz in NYC did a good job of helping me celebrate my sister’s birthday, cake and sparkler and all.

  45. wm

    I did once and the hotel had chocolates sent to my room. It was a nice touch.

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