Hotel Bed Bug Infestation Video – Not For the Squeamish

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If the mere thought of bed bugs makes you shudder, then don’t read any further.

Bed Bugs are insects that live on human blood. The nasty little parasites come out at night to feed, transport themselves around easily and love tiny crevices to hide in during the daytime. They are hard to kill, and hotels, trains, libraries, dorm rooms and buses are all places they are found, usually in the soft folds of a comfy couch, bed, or chair.

Not sure if you’ve ever come across a bed bug? Their bite is similar to a mosquito bite, and can be red and itchy. The amount of itching depends on the person’s reaction to the saliva that is injected under the skin by the bug.

Bed bugs aren’t picky about hotel brands. They can be found at a Super 8 just as easily as a Ritz-Carlton, though cleanliness is a factor. Diligent vacuuming, heat treating mattresses, steaming and drying are very effective ways of killing the little buggers.

Unfortunately, a couple from California reportedly visiting the Astor on the Park Hotel in Manhattan wasn’t so lucky. They posted a video to YouTube about their horrific bed bug experience, which has since gone viral on multiple sites and news outlets.

Suffering from over 75 bites (not to mention the lack of heat and other issues), the stay was memorable in a very bad way. Run! would be my advice. Get out of that hotel as fast as possible.

Curious if your hotel has bedbugs? There’s a great site you can check, called the BedBug Registry.

Also, a smart thing to do when you return home from a trip is to empty out your suitcase outside of your bedroom, and wash all the clothes, regardless if you wore them or not. The heat and drying will ensure that no little hitchhikers will find their way to your closets or bed.

Have you come across bed bugs before? Where did you find them and what did you do?

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  1. Nicole

    Omg! Too nasty! I’m so glad he filmed that. Now I know what to look for.

    …if that happened to you, what would you do?

    …and on his birthday! What a shame.