Menu Revealed: What the Stars Will Eat at the Beverly Hilton’s 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards

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The Beverly Hilton has been home to the Golden Globes for 45 years, and this year’s award ceremony is almost here. The 73rd annual star-studded Golden Globe Awards show will take place this Sunday January 10, 2016 and will be broadcasted in more than 210 countries.

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Have you ever been curious what delectable meal the stars actually get served at the Golden Globes?

Here’s a peek at the exclusive new menu that the almost 1,300 celebrity guests will nosh on Sunday in the Beverly Hilton hotel’s International Ballroom, designed by Beverly Hilton’s Executive Chef Troy N. Thompson and Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi.


California market salad with eggplant, bokchoy, lotus, daikon and mustard greens served with ginger dressing.


Beef with marinara crust or slow-roasted black garlic steelhead trout, accompanied by fried capers, sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash. A vegetarian option includes salt-baked heirloom sweet potatoes topped with a creamed corn glaze and surrounded by winter vegetables.


A trio of California almond cake, lemon mousseline croquantine, and flourless Grand Marnier carmella.

Wish you were one of the invited stars but find yourself sitting at home? Here’s a link to the California almost cake recipe so you can at least eat like one.


Moët & Chandon is celebrating 25 years as the official Champagne of the Golden Globes. To celebrate, they will be offering a custom 25th Anniversary Golden Globes Mini Moët Champagne Caddy with their limited edition “Festive So Bubbly” mini bottles.

No dinner event is complete without stunning floral arrangements, and to complement the gold and platinum stage decor, 10,000 flowers from Holland and South America will be flown in by Mark’s Garden in time for the soiree.

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Interestingly, not all stars may enjoy the special meal this Sunday at the Golden Globes. The inside scoop that in years past, all the food is removed by 5pm because the producers don’t want the sound of clashing silverware to be heard on the live show, nor do they want to catch people with string beans hanging out of their mouths. So if the stars get stuck in conversation with someone, they’re out of luck. I’m sure room service is an option for later though.

Have you been to the Golden Globes before?

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