Review: Disco Party Stage Lights

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Hotels often have audio visual “packages” available to groups at pretty astronomical rates, so when trying to keep ticket costs down for attendees it can be smart to get creative.

As one of the organizers of the Frequent Traveler University, I am also always trying to think of ways to make the weekend events more fun for attendees without adding a ton of expense.

Out of the blue I was contacted by manufacturer 1Byone Products, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their items in exchange for getting the item for free. I wasn’t sure, having never reviewed any products here on Magic of Miles, nor ever accepted any freebies in exchange for anything.

I finally decided that it would be fun to try something new for a Frequent Traveler University event, and 1Byone gave me the choice of several items. While I thought a snow maker would be a fun addition for a holiday event it would require lots of liquid snow. I didn’t want to check bags and didn’t like the idea of lugging around a large container of liquid through airports, so I thought a party light dome might be fun instead. Amazon had the dome for just $35.99 which was definitely reasonable.

I agreed to do a fair review in exchange for the item, arranged for the 8.6″ Crystal LED Stage Light model O00QS-0060 to be shipped right to the hotel where the event was being held, and was curious to see how it would work out.

The day before the event I retrieved the package from the hotel staff at the same time as I picked up all the other shipped items for the event. It was packed well, protected by material surrounding it so it didn’t get crunched or bounced around. There was a user manual though I didn’t read it, and a 12 volt adaptor. There was also a voice control function and it had DMX control for those with more advanced needs (or skills!).

The cocktail reception for the evening was initially going to be inside, but the weather was great so it was relocated to the patio outside.

The first thing I noticed about the light when setting it up is that it had a pleasantly sturdy plastic dome but the entire item was still lightweight. It was of good quality too, and was easy to connect the party light dome by plugging the cord into a socket, though the length of the cord was a bit shorter than I would have liked. If I could have used it running on batteries that would have been a preferred option since it was outdoors and I didn’t want a cord that people could trip over, but inside it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Since the cocktail reception was really more of a social networking opportunity than a party, there was no music. The light dome came with a feature where the lights danced around in time with music though so even though I didn’t use that function it would have been fun at a personal party.

The best part about the lights was that you could choose the color combinations.


There was a red, white and blue which would be great for a patriotic feel, a constant red option, a yellow and green, and several others. The lights could stay stationary or swivel around, and I settled on the multi-colored random rotation, so there were several different colors that moved around. The motor made a quiet whirring noise, but it wasn’t noticeable to the guests at all.

The colors were bright, clear, and fun, and the crystal light dome lasted all night like a champ without any issues or hang-ups. The lights bounced off the trees and guests, and added a jazzed up feel to the evening.


Since there were already strings of white lights outside, did I need the disco light dome? No, but it added a fun and festive atmosphere to the event.

Overall, I was happy with the compact yet sturdy disco light dome and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and ease of use since the price point was so low. It would be easy to transport this unit from event to event, and use at multiple venues. Thank you to 1Byone for providing a great product in exchange for a fair review. I would happily recommend this light dome to anyone looking for one for a business or personal function. It was such a simple way to add a little extra color, and if there had been music it would have added even more pizazz.

What do you think, readers? Should I review more products?

Disclaimer: I was given a 8.6″ Crystal LED Stage Light model O00QS-0060 by 1Byone including shipping in exchange for a fair review based on my experience. They did not have any input on the review.

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