Hotel Room Animatronics Offer Amusement Park Fun

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Whenever I’m in the area of Lake Garda in northern Italy between Milan and Venice I tend to stay at one of my favorite quaint hotels, the Hotel Sirmione. It has the most amazing sunset views.


For readers looking for something unique or for those traveling with little ones, I came across a hotel online today in the same vicinity that has guest rooms that are a little wackier.

Called the Hotel Parchi del Garda, there are 229 regular guest rooms and suites, and 4 ‘experience rooms‘.

The experience rooms bring the amusement park to you with animatronics, and are described as being interactive, with birds singing, the scent of flowers, and the sounds of roaring lions and lapping waves. The hotel’s website says the rooms were created by Hollywood film set designers and specialists.

From their website, here are the room choices and descriptions –

Aki’s Cave – The room of our mascot Aki
Parco Natura Viva – The ideal room to live the safari experience
The Corsair Galleon – The room to live the pirate’s adventure
Parco Giardino Sigurta – The room to be absorbed completely by the nature

Here’s a screengrab of the Sigurta room, which has a red-checked bed set on a carpeted lawn and comes with the sound of chirping crickets, singing birds, and the smell of flowers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.33.45 AM

It’s a little like camping, but without the mosquitos.

Each room looks like it has motion sensors and a control panel where you can probably adjust the features of the room.

All of the experience rooms look pretty cool, but I think my favorite is the Corsair Galleon. Talking parrot, curved wooden walls and ocean wave sounds? Count me in.

You can even take a virtual tour of each of the rooms, which you can find using this link to the experience room types.

Maybe I’ve just got Disney on my mind, but these novelty rooms seem like they’d at least be good for a laugh, or perhaps keep the fun going after a trip to the nearby Gardaland Amusement Park.

Checking some random dates it looks like the regular guest rooms at Hotel Parchi del Garda are around 209 EUR (235 USD) and the experience rooms are 229 EUR (257 USD). So, about 20 dollars extra for the experience rooms. Breakfast and one night’s parking is included.

Photo credit: Top picture is a screengrab from Hotel Parchi del Garda’s website.

What do you think of these rooms? Silly and overpriced, or a fun novelty experience?

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