What Prize Did you Win in TripAdvisor’s Winner Wonderland Game?

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Tripadvisor is running a game called Winner Wonderland that runs through December 26, 2016 where you can win some neat prizes. The game is open to all legal residents of the United States and United Kingdom that are 18 years or older.

First Place Prizes –

GoPro Camera (Quantity to be given out = 40)
eBags $150 (or £125) e-gift certificates (Qty = 100)
Amazon $200 (or £175) gift cards (Qty = 100)
TripAdvisor Store $100 (£80) gift cards (Qty = 100)

Second Place Prizes –

Discount ($100 or £80) on tours or activities booked on Tripadvisor. Odds of winning = 1 in 20.
Discount ($50 or £40) on tours or activities booked on Tripadvisor. Odds of winning = 1 in 5.
Discount ($10 or £5) on tours or activities booked on Tripadvisor. Odds of winning = 1 in 1.


All Discounts and TripAdvisor Store gift cards are valid through 3/26/2017.

The odds of winning are such that everyone will win a prize, with the minimum being a $10/£5 discount for tours/activities. You can only enter/play once per member ID, but it doesn’t specify that there is a limit to the number per household or person.

You just click on the “Open Your Gift” button, to find out your prize. Easy.

There are just two drawbacks.

1. You have to log in to TripAdvisor in order to play, so you have to create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. You must play the game then book your hotel in order to receive the prize/gift with purchase. All prize winners (minus the GoPro winners) will receive a promo code after hotel booking to claim your gift. GoPro winners will be contacted to confirm shipping details.

I played the game and won the $10 discount for tours/activities which is cool, but I don’t feel compelled to book a hotel at this time.


If I had won one of the First Prizes like the Amazon Gift Card I would have been torn, wanting to claim my prize but not really needing a hotel booking.

Want to try your hand at it?

Play TripAdvisor’s Winner Wonderland

This is a clever way for TripAdvisor to get a lot of new site sign-ups, and there are some prizes to be won too.

What prize did you win in TripAdvisor’s Winner Wonderland Game?

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  1. mike

    Won a $100 discount on a tour. Not sure if worth booking a hotel for it, but might anyways.


    • Melinda

      Nice win! A $100 tour discount makes the decision even tougher, Mike. You have a while to think about it at least, which is good.

  2. kj

    claim your $100 Discount on
    tours and activities on TripAdvisor.com thats what I won too

    • Melinda

      Good win kj. You’re in the same boat as reader Mike now with the question being…to book a hotel to claim your prize, or not.

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