IHG’s 2017 First Quarter Promo Unveiled

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IHG Rewards Club has just announced their first promotion for 2017, called Accelerate.

If you are thinking that the promotion name sounds familiar, that is because it is. IHG is currently on the tail end of their Accelerate 2016 Q4 promotion, which ends December 15, 2016.

The new 2017 first-quarter promotion with the same name is good for stays between January 1, 2017 and April 15, 2017.

Registration is required.

The promotion is personalized, so you’ll receive a minimum of 30,000 bonus IHG Rewards points after completing customized offers.


Register for the offer here.

I haven’t stayed much at IHG properties this year, so my offers are small but all easily achievable if I decide to have even a handful of stays –


If I download the app, have a weekend stay, stay at 3 Holiday Inn properties, stay two times using the member rate and stay three nights I’ll earn a total of 30,000 bonus points.

I was offered a 21,500 point additional bonus once all 5 have been completed.


My offers altogether don’t equal a ton of bonus points, but are all within reach.

Since all the offers are personalized I’d be curious to hear what some readers’ offers are. Leave a comment with the offer you received, and we can compile a list of which ones are out there.

(Hat Tip: LoyaltyLobby)

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  1. Carl P

    If I book and stay once (for 3,000) in the a major market (for 2,400) in January (for 1,000) and pay with IHG credit (for 1,500) I will complete 3 of 4 (for 17,100). This makes 25,000 total for one night.
    As to the 8 nights (for 16,000) – forget it.
    So, not the most points I ever got from IHG, but the easiest

  2. mike

    I have 51,100 offered, Book and stay once 5k, in January 1k, with IHG CC 1.5k, weekend stay 4k, two HIX stays 5.6k, 4/5 bonus 8k, 13 total nights 26k.

  3. Lindy

    My offer is all just cumulative nights:
    1000 for 1 night.
    1000 after night 2.
    8400 after night 5
    3000 after night 8.
    3000 after night 11.
    3000 after night 14
    3000 after night 17
    15,000 after night 20.

    Bonuses are always nice. But I don’t have any upcoming travel this spring, unless something unexpected happens.

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