3 Tips to Help With Travel Stress

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The month of December is going by way too fast for me. I try to s-l-o-w down and appreciate the glory of the season as much as possible, but often find myself frustrated that I just don’t get a chance for as much time with family and friends as I’d like, and not enough baking or time for reflection either.


A study by CWT Solutions a few years back says that of the 30+ stress triggers they studied, all of them can be grouped into 3 main categories. They are –

1. Lost Time. Flights without internet, meetings that go over, and time spent waiting for those dreaded airport shuttles all push the to-do pile back. This means when you finally get home there is a lot more catch-up to do, just at the time when all you really want to do is relax.


2. Unforeseen Events. Somehow, issues and problems seem to pop up at just the worst times. Your son is due to be in a church production Wednesday evening, but on Tuesday evening you find yourself packing to go one a last-minute trip that you won’t get back from until Thursday. Without fail, on the day before you are set to go on vacation and put on your out of office message, you get word that something needs immediate attention.

3. A New Routine. You might have finally gotten into the rhythm of juggling the holiday mayhem at home, including meals and logging time on the treadmill. When back on the road though, everything takes twice as long because the airports are full of people that only travel a few times a year, the hotel check-in line takes forever, and a time change messes up your sleep schedule.


What can you do to combat stress while on the road, especially during the holidays?

Here are 3 good tips.

1. Build comfort into your routine. Get yourself some very comfortable shoes (both men and women tend to wear shoes that are too small or too tight), wear clothes that aren’t too tight, and allow yourself a bit of extra time. Use airline lounges in the airport, eye shades on flights, and don’t weigh down your shoulders with an overstuffed bag.

2. Stick to your exercise and diet. S-t-r-e-t-c-h once you get to your hotel room to give your muscles a break. Drink more water, skip the dried-out office cookies and try to stay on track while away from home.


3. Be kind to yourself. Once you get home, you might need some quiet time or a good meal before rushing to address cards, volunteer, or dive into that never ending pile of paperwork.

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