Earn 5,000 Membership Rewards Points with Marriott Amex Offer, Plus Enter Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giveaways

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If you have an American Express card, new promotions are constantly being added in either your “Amex offers for you” tab or via Twitter, but while the “Amex offers for you” promotions vary by person, the Twitter promotions are the same for everyone. The only catch is that enrollment is usually limited, so if you see one you like you should Tweet the hashtag or add the offer to your card as soon as you can to get in on the deal before the limit is reached.

Even if you don’t find any Amex offers that interest you ordinarily, during the holidays when you are doing extra shopping you might find a couple that would be good for gifts.


A new Amex Offer is available today, for those Amex cardholders that earn Membership Rewards points.

The offer is for 3,000 Membership Rewards points once you spend $200 at a participating Marriott hotel by February 28, 2017. Since there is no Twitter hashtag for this offer, check your “Amex offers for you” once you sign in. The offer is targeted, so even if you earn Membership Rewards with your Amex you may not have this specific offer available.


For those that do have this offer, under the details it says that you can earn a maximum of 6,000 points so you can utilize the offer twice per card. Note that while most properties in the US are included, stays at the Ritz-Carlton do not count.


Hat tip to Deals We Like, who also has the scoop on an Amex Courtyard by Marriott offer, where if you spend $100 you receive 2,000 Membership Rewards points.

The especially interesting thing is that if you register for both offers and have a single stay at a Courtyard by Marriott that is $200 or more, you will most likely receive the 3,000 Membership Rewards points from the first Marriott offer, plus the 2,000 Membership Rewards points from the Courtyard offer for a total of 5,000 Membership Rewards points in one shot! Then if you have another Marriott stay you’d get another 3,000 from the first offer.

Note that some Courtyard by Marriott properties also offer gift cards.

Today is also Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giveaways.


For those just joining, click here for full contest details.

To enter today’s contest, leave a comment here about Amex offers. I’m curious if readers use them, if you are tired of hearing about credit cards altogether, or if you love getting the scoop on extra savings.

Today’s contest ends at 9pm PT December 19, 2016.

Good luck and have a great Monday!

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  1. Michael H.(oldfox)

    I use AMEX offers often. It is a great way to lower costs for things I would buy anyway such as gas, food and office supplies.

  2. Kenya F

    I’ve never used Amex offers or my Amex points. I’m waiting for them to have 2 for 1 conversion on Hawaiian Airlines to transfer them over to take a nice trip to Hawaii.

  3. Densie L

    I love hearing about all deals but sadly many do not fit my spending trends.

  4. Marilyn B

    I do use Amex offers, but in the past year, most have not been relevant to my shopping and spending habits.

  5. Gino

    I’m actually using the Courtyard AMEX offer tonight! Luckily the stay is well under $200, but an extra 3,000 MR points sure would have been nice.

    I used to get really good offers with my PRG, but since I cancelled that my offers have gone considerably downhill…

  6. Kalyani N

    I have never used any AMEX offers but these are interesting!

  7. Paul

    I added authorized users on several cards to maximize the availability of offers, which can be quite lucrative (see: Sam’s). I find that the SPG Business card is the leader in getting the most and the best offers.

  8. Rick

    I love AMEX offers especially when you use the multiple tab trick to load it to all your cards.

  9. Angela

    Its great that blogs like yours help to track and highlight which AMEX offers are the best ones.

  10. Ricky Wolfe

    Absolutely love AMEX offers! I believe I have redeemed close to $400 worth of offers this year on items I would have normally bought anyway (shoes, contact lenses, printer toner). The offers almost make the annual fee a wash, without even factoring the membership rewards points!

  11. Jen

    I think the offer are great if it’s for something you would be spending on anyway.

  12. J.

    Use ’em.

  13. ZC

    Use it all the time

  14. Tiffany B

    I enjoy the occasional AMEX offer – I wish they targeted me for more offers that apply to me.

  15. Nancy

    I don’t use them as I no longer have an AMEX card. I found where I live that it was not widely accepted.

  16. Michael M MA

    Once in a great while it works for me

  17. Tim

    Amex offers are the best! Have used so many for Christmas gifts and buying gift cards at Staples the past couple months

  18. Rich

    I try to use as many as I can

  19. Lindy

    I love the CONCEPT of AmEx offers. I first heard of them from you (not from AmEx). Your explanations helped me learn how to find them on the website. There are usually quite a few companies, but none are geared toward people w/ lesser purchasing power. Most of the offers are from companies that I can’t buy from because their products are sold cheaper elsewhere, or aren’t needed. I still check them once in a while, and occasionally save an offer, but have never actually used an offer. The good ones you discuss are never offered to either of my AmEx cards.

    Am hoping someday to get one of the good offers. Thankyou for continuing to post about it, because your reminders are what cause me to keep checking out the offers!

  20. Robert p

    I like the scoop on savings as a whole, but the Amex offers don’t interest me as much

  21. David L

    I rarely use the Amex offers but do like reading about them – just in case!

  22. Savvydesi

    Love Amex offers

  23. Steve

    I like chasing deals, but amex is mostly off my radar

  24. Phxbne

    I rarely see anything of interest….trying to not let special offers have me buying things I wouldn’t otherwise

  25. Jonathan Kerr

    100k points hell yes.. Im always interested in credit cards

  26. JRG

    I don’t use them.

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