Earn 1,500 Bonus La Quinta Points, Plus Enter Day 9 of the 12 Days of Getaways

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“Redeem Away!” is La Quinta’s new way to earn and redeem points for everyday purchases, via your mobile phone.


To entice people to start using the new redemption options, La Quinta Returns is offering an easy bonus 1,500 points to members through December 31, 2016 just for linking your Visa with your Returns account.

Here’s the Redeem Away page, and a Youtube video about it –

Here are the three easy steps to getting 1,500 bonus La Quinta points

1. Enroll, to link your Visa card with your Returns account.
2. Make a qualifying purchase.
3. When you receive the welcome SMS message verifying your mobile number, reply “BONUS” within 12 hours.

Note: I’m not sure if you actually have to make a purchase in order to get the bonus points, or if you get the welcome message immediately after enrolling since the Redeem Away offer page just says you get the points after completing enrollment.

The 1,500 bonus points can be earned one time per La Quinta Rewards member, by December 31, 2016. You can add these bonus points to your account and redeem for a hotel room starting at 6,000 points, or get something smaller instantly such as a cup of coffee.



While I have never redeemed hotel points for anything other than hotel stays (and transferring points between programs), especially if you have a bunch of orphan accounts with small amounts in each it might make sense for some people to redeem for other items. I’ve had family members that don’t travel often tell me they’ve redeemed for magazines and were very pleased.

(Hat Tip to Angelina Travels to alerting us to this deal)

Today is also Day 9 of the 12 Days of Giveaways.


For those just joining, click here for full contest details.

To enter today’s contest, leave a comment about miles & points redemptions. Do you use them for just hotel rooms and flights, transferring points, or for other items like magazines, blenders, and chocolates?

Today’s contest ends at 9pm PT December 21, 2016.

Good luck to all!

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  1. JP

    I try not to use them for anything but miles and hotel points unless it’s a real emergency (like cashing some in for Amazon credit to buy a last-minute Christmas or birthday gift that I don’t currently have the cash for). I don’t make a lot of money so I need to hoard those miles and points to make travel affordable.

  2. Stacy

    We use miles/points only for flights and hotel. With a family of 6 we use every possible point we earn! We always try to maximize hotel bonus promos to earn even more.

  3. Denise L

    I use miles/points only for flights and hotels. I purchase everything else through shopping portals so I can accumulate more miles and points.

  4. Valerie

    We mostly save them to redeem for flights and hotel, although this year the grandson will receive a toy for Christmas that we purchased with points. Couldn’t resist. 🙂

  5. Jen

    The points give you a little discount so they’re useful to save.

  6. Ricky Wolfe

    Only for flights and hotels, unless I’m sitting on an odd number of random points that are close to expiring

  7. Kalyani N

    I use points and miles for hotel rooms and flights, sometimes if there is an option I use the points to get gift cards! 🙂

  8. Marilyn B

    Use them only for flights and hotels. But if I have points expiring, I would use the smallest amount to do something (buy a magazine or the like) to keep them from expiring.

  9. Swisspotluck

    I only use airline miles for flights and hotel points for room nights. If my miles will be expiring, then I will usually use some miles to purchase a magazine subscription in order to reset the expiration date.

  10. Steve

    I overwhelmingly use my miles for flights, but recently redeemed a few United for an event, well worth it

  11. Paul

    I never redeem my points and miles for merchandise; always for flights and hotel stays

  12. Kenya F

    I personally don’t think its worth it to redeem for merchandise. I only use them for flights and hotels.

  13. JRG

    Only miles. Only miles.

  14. Tiffany B.

    Personally I use them only for flights, however my mother cashed in some to get magazine subscriptions for my children as a gift. She wasn’t flying anywhere, so she wanted to use them before they expired – which was thoughtful.

  15. Bertrand

    We use miles redemption for flights and hotel points for hotel stays only.

  16. J.

    Only hotels.

  17. r hirsch

    flights 90%. hotels 10%. magazines? 100% online!

  18. Michael H.(oldfox)

    I use points and miles primarily for hotel rooms and flights. I would never use them for chocolates or blenders because the rate is simply not very good. I occasionally use points or miles to get magazines through Miles for Mags in order to keep an account like Hawaiian Airlines active.

  19. john vilberg

    Hotels for me

  20. David L

    Only flights and hotels.

  21. Linda

    I normally use them for hotel rooms

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