Old Trump Hotels Tweet Gets Humorous New Responses & Mockery

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The Trump administration is having a tough time mollifying the public so far in their early days in office. First there was the bit about random Trump hotels getting calls because the White House comment line was down, and now this.

An old official Trump Hotels tweet from 2011 was dug up, and has been gathering fresh responses with astonishing speed like a snowball rolling downhill. Some are humorous, some mock, and others are completely down the rabbit hole.

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The question breezily asks readers to share their “favorite travel memory – was it a picture, a souvenir, a sunset?” Then the question is followed by an invitation for feedback, with a closing sentence of “we’d love to hear it!”.

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Uh-oh. Asking for comments? Starting just 3 days ago the tweet was picked back up. At first there were just some jabs and harsh comments, and then a lively conversation ensued between people that didn’t include the Trump Hotels Twitter team at all. Some photos inappropriate for repeating on this blog were posted, and discussions ensued. I found many of the most interesting responses to the initial Trump Hotels tweet to be those that shared about their family history, or of generations past.

Not all the tweets have been hotels-centric, but some of them have referenced Trump hotels. I was not able to find one about a hotel stay though, nor one that wasn’t somehow politically charged.

The Twitter conversation with hundreds of responses goes off the rails several times and Trump Hotels’ social media team has remained silent, perhaps wondering what their best move is at this point…

If you would like to see the Tweet and responses yourself, you can go to https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/123822377875415040.

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  1. dot cahill

    Is this a travel blog or trash our president blog??? i missed this nonsense when Obama was Prez??????????????????????? must u go left wing political?>???? DAAaa your on a banana peel here////; get with the regular program … and have some real content and information not TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Melinda

      Dot Cahill it was not my intention to make any political statements, but to write about the recent news related to (Trump) Hotels and their Tweet (which could happen to any hotel). I did weigh whether or not to post as I didn’t want to offend anyone, but after reading your comment I think I’ll veer away from items related to politics next time! Thanks for letting me know!

    • baccarat_guy

      and then, there is how we say things. Disagreeing with the direction of content or an article. Fine. But, we can all treat people with respect and respond nicely. (*cough* dot cahill) Regarding politics and miles+points/travel blogs, it doesn’t bother me that much. There is a LOT of politics that relates to travel. As long as it’s travel related I tend to find it mildly interesting. And if not, I just skip over that article. Keep up the great work Melinda!

  2. dotti cahill

    cough dot cahill??????????? not nice