Trial Offer for SLEEEP in the New Capsule Hotel in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a bustling city similar to New York in that people seemingly don’t rest. There are things to see, places to go, and work to do. The human body needs quality sleep though, and a new capsule hotel is hoping people will stop by for some down time with at least quick nap.

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With their first location at 242 Queens Road Central, Seung Wan, Hong Kong, the SLEEEP® capsule hotel focuses on offering eco-friendly and powerfully restful sleeping environments for hourly and overnight bookings.

The SLEEEP experience is different from a typical capsule hotel. Sure, the size of your individual room is similar in that the space is tiny, but the inside has been engineered to maximize sleep quality. Plus you get a full sized storage locker with hangers, free wifi, drinking water and slippers.

Before you even slide your slippered toes inside the capsule you can customize your sleep environment online in advance whether staying for an hour or a week. You can select the firmness of your mattress, thickness of blanket, and preferred pillow type.

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Check-in and out is handled paperlessly via QR code sent to your device, and you can send an image of your ID in advance.

Once inside the sleeping capsule (appropriately named SLPer), there’s a silent magnetic curtain that encloses to provide maximum privacy, and indirect lighting that is responsive to circadian rhythms.

The capsule is wood lined for natural warmth and comfort, and is climate controlled with active air supply. The sturdy construction with attention to detail means there is no noise transfer between capsules so you don’t hear your neighbors.

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While you sleep, your laptop and other electronic devices can be recharged at charging ports. After waking up refreshed, if you want to take a shower you’ll receive soft organic cotton towels. Amenities are locally sourced, and the strong rain shower uses a sustainable heat recovery system.

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To kick off the launch, SLEEEP has a special offer where you can pay what you feel your experience was worth…after you enjoy your stay. They call it Pay-as-you-wish. They are counting on people enjoying their experience so much they’ll come back.

You can try SLEEEP hourly from noon to midnight in increments of 1, 2, 4 8, or 12 hours with same day bookings.

Follow this link to see their special intro offer –

Here’s a Youtube video about SLEEEP –

You also have the option to pay for overnight stays up to 6 months in advance using their regular pricing that starts at $77 a night.

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I know that this is just a capsule hotel so the space being controlled is small but after reading, it seems that this place offers a better sleeping experience than many full-sized hotels I’ve stayed at.

Doors slamming, footsteps overhead or running down the hall, old and saggy mattresses, heat/air that just doesn’t work, and too much/little lighting are all common issues that many travelers have experienced. True, the capsules are all new and many noisy hotels are older… but isn’t a quiet, restful night’s sleep what you go to a hotel for?

I don’t have any plans to go through Hong Kong soon so if any readers try this out, report back and let us know if it is as wonderfully restful as it appears.

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