$20 Off Your Recharge Hotel Stay Booking (New: Now Live in New York)

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The popular Recharge hotel app that lets you rent hotel rooms by the minute in San Francisco is now live in…New York!

Founded in 2015, Recharge allows you to pay by the minute at a flat fee of 66 cents, or $40 per hour. This gives you the flexibility to make some phone calls in a quiet environment, freshen up with a shower, get in a quick workout or take a nap, and basically recharge before heading back out into the city.

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Still just a fledgling company, you’ll find properties in San Francisco (such as the Hyatt Regency San Francisco) and now New York.

One of the huge benefits I can see for the New York location is for those arriving in the wee morning hours from other time zones. Even though New York is the city that never sleeps, when you arrive at JFK at 6:30am after a red-eye flight you might be desperate to catch some shuteye.

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The Recharge app shows you what is currently available so you don’t have to worry about booking in advance, and you can stay in the room as long as you like. After booking via the app you simply check-in at the hotel’s front desk, go up to your room, and when you are done you check out via the app. For more info about the Recharge app you can read about my first look here.

If you want to give Recharge a try, you can use my referral promo code and get $20 off your first stay.

Here’s an iOS link to Recharge’s app page.

Here’s a link to the Android Recharge app page.

Enter promo code (in the top left hand corner before booking): MELINDA973

If you use my referral code I’ll also get $20 off my next stay after yours is completed. You don’t have to use my referral code, but if you do I appreciate it. I didn’t see any terms & conditions about the promo code so even though it is possible you’d get a free stay if there for just a short period of time, there may be a minimum stay requirement.

If you have already had a stay, you can use promo code EMPIRE to save $20 off your second stay (or third, etc.).

With agreements at both Starwood and Hyatt properties, I foresee this popular app spreading since there are no other companies that currently offer this.

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