Afraid of Heights? Don’t Stay at This Hotel

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For daredevils or those that just love amazing views, the Crane Hotel Faralda might be just about perfect.

Right in Amsterdam, the hotel has guest rooms that are perched at 164 feet off the ground. Rather than in a typical building though, the unusual part about the hotel is that it is actually situated in a crane.

The crane (and hotel rooms) sways with the wind, so views aren’t static but change depending on which way the apparatus twists.

The unusual hotel has three five-star suites, named Secret, Mystique, and Free Spirit. Each is split-level, and range from 375 to 430 square feet.

Free Spirit Suite (photo credit: Hotel Faralda)

Free Spirit Suite (photo credit: Hotel Faralda)

The views look stunning from each of the rooms themselves but if you really want to feel like an eagle you can climb to the top deck where a shared hot tub awaits. It looks pretty peaceful.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.49.44 PM

Plus, for extreme daredevils, guests also get the option of bungee jumping off the top of the crane.

For those who want to be a bit closer to terra firma, there’s a lounge available for music events, after-parties and corporate events with panoramic views at just 50 feet high.

Pricing for a night in one the unique hotel suites starts at around $465.

I think this hotel looks really fun for a unique stay, and you could spend a birthday in the air or enjoy a romantic evening up in the sky. I bet the sunset and night views with all the twinkling lights are just stunning.

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  1. Lrdx

    The hotel is IN Amsterdam proper, not north of the city, even more not 1 hour away.

    • Melinda

      Thanks Lrdx, I’ve updated to note the correct location. Have you ever had a chance to stay in the hotel or go to an event there? It sounds really cool.

  2. Lee @ BaldThoughts

    I would totally do the bungee jump. Hopefully, it is included in the hotel stay. You can’t stay at a unique property like this and NOT do the bungee.

    • Melinda

      Lee @ BaldThoughts I know, right?! Or if not the bungee at least the hot tub at the very top. Sounds so relaxing, with amazing views.

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