Earn Marriott Rewards Points Through New Marriott Shopping App

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Marriott has rolled out their new online shopping app and browser extension, called Marriott MORE.

Marriott MORE is initially being offered to members in the US, UK, and Canada, and gives you the ability to earn Marriott Rewards points (as well as redeem them).

Here’s a video about the new MORE shopping app –

You can access the new Marriott shopping portal via a desktop here – https://more.marriottrewards.com/

Once on the desktop site, you have to click to download the Marriott MORE browser extension (but the install is quick as a wink).

This just takes one more step than if you were visiting the shopping portal for say, American Airlines. The feature is the same type that Southwest has, so users of that one will find this familiar. The nice thing about these browser extensions is if you forget to use shopping portals when online, the extension will give you a little nudge when you’re on a site where you can earn points.

You can download the app here if using iOS (note that they are country specific):

You can download the app here if using Android:

To kick off their new portal, Marriott is offering 1,000 Marriott Rewards points for your first purchase of $25 or more which should be pretty easy to do. Plus, if you have a Marriott Credit Card you’ll get an extra 25% bonus.

The number of retailers is limited initially, but more will be added. Note that the ever elusive Amazon retailer is included.

Once you’ve added the extension, the toolbar also displays how many Marriott Rewards points you have available. This might certainly might look tempting if you are shopping for something and think hmmm…I could lower my cash price by redeeming some points. When it comes to redeeming, you can use Marriott Rewards Points or a combination of cash + points though this will likely offer poor value for your points. Smart thinking on Marriott’s end, as some folks will certainly proceed and not do the math first.

I do a lot of shopping online, and love the ability to utilize portals to earn miles and points. I look around to see which shopping portal offers the most miles/points or bonuses (as they change) before heading to the portals, by using sites such as Cashback Monitor. Since the Marriott MORE app is offering that initial 1,000 point bonus for purchases totaling $25 or more, this is definitely off to a good start.

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