Need a Good Laugh? Check Out These One-Liners a Hotel Uses on Their Marquee

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Hotels situated along Hotel Circle, visible from San Diego’s I-8 freeway, get a ton of commuter (and visitor) traffic passing by every day. One hotel in the area has brilliantly decided to utilize their marquee in a slightly different way than their nearby competitors.

Rather than just one ho-hum message after another about low room rates or specials, the marquee for the Town and Country San Diego has been sporting humorous slogans lately.

We’ve seen churches and donut shops peppering their typical marquee messages with funny slogans, but this is the first I’ve heard of a hotel doing so.

And why not? It surely gives folks stuck in traffic something to chuckle about, plus it hopefully attracts more guests who appreciate the hotel’s sense of humor.

The hotel has also garnered the attention of media, including nationwide publications like the NY Times. The community of San Diego has also embraced the quirkiness of the hotel’s slogans with many residents even stopping by to thank them for the laugh. Town and Country even has a blog that specifically addresses what they call their “Marquee Madness” and says they realized that the marquee was being underutilized. Now they are posting pics of the marquee on social media to share with people who won’t see them in person.

I admit that as a local I’d passed by the Hotel Circle properties a bunch of times with barely a glance. After looking at some of these one-liners that made me laugh, if the I-8 was part of my morning commute I’d start looking forward to seeing what new funnies the marquee had up!

The Town and Country hotel has also added some other quirks to their property at the same time – 60 giant rubber ducks bobbing around in a fountain and 100 brightly-colored lawn flamingoes. That’s a lot of whimsy!

If you are thinking about taking a dip in the Town and Country San Diego pool, you’ll enjoy the complimentary use of 24 pool floats in fun shapes such as unicorns. Fellow blogger and friend Ed with Pizza in Motion who has a bit of a sweet tooth for donuts (understatement!) would be pleased to learn that the new pool floats even come decorated like donuts.

I applaud the Town and Country San Diego for their original thinking and ability to do something to stand out. Hopefully they’ll be rewarded with higher numbers of guests, and more repeat customers too.

Hopefully you’ve found these one-liners as funny as I have. I think my favorite message so far on the marquee has either been “Procrastinators Conference Postponed”, or “There’s No way That Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting”. I even started following the Town and Country San Diego on Instagram so I could see what they’ll do next.

Which Town and Country San Diego marquee one-liner is your favorite?

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