DoubleTree Free Cookies and Contest for Free Nights, Plus Enter Day 5 of the 12 Days of Giveaways

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You don’t have to be Santa to get free cookies this year. In the spirit of the season, DoubleTree by Hilton is offering free cookies to everyone through December 24, 2017 as part of their “12 Days of Cookies” promotion!

You don’t even have to be staying at the hotel, and if you are just passing through simply stop at the front desk to get one of their delicious free warm chocolate chip walnut cookies. You can be out and about running errands or shopping, and drop by for a treat.

I lived briefly at a DoubleTree hotel many, many years ago, and have a soft spot for the DoubleTree cookies. Even though the cookies are typically given out at check-in, during my stay I got to know the staff pretty well, and they offered me cookies pretty much any time I wanted. I didn’t often take them up on the offer, but it sure was nice to walk in the door and have them give me one of those warm, gooey treats.

DoubleTree is also running a contest where you can win a free stay at a Double Tree hotel. All you have to do to enter is tweet a photo of your “festive holiday attire” and use the hashtags #sweetwelcome and #contest. Two winners will receive two free night certificates. You can also scroll through the submissions to see how festive some folks really get when it comes to their holiday attire (and there’s already some stiff competition out there!).

Today also happens to be Day 5 of Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways.

To enter today’s contest for a chance at iTunes gift cards, airline pajamas, or travel swag galore, let me know in the comments below if you’ve had a DoubleTree cookie before, if you like them, or that you’d be excited to win today’s contest prize.

If you’re just joining now at Day 5 of the Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways, the prizes in the contest are fun and travel related. They include a couple GoGo 25 use Internet passes, USPS boxes stuffed with first class airline pajamas, and more!

Today’s Magic of Miles contest ends at 9pm PST tonight so get those entries in. Click here to read full contest details, and good luck!

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  1. Paul

    I’m sort of doubling (so to speak) up on comment content, as I shared the DT cookie as my favorite hotel food in a prior day’s entry.

  2. Jean

    Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I love double tree cookies,

  3. James

    Would love to win the prize. Also love Double Tree cookies. So delicious!

  4. Jennifer Hayden

    I’ve had the cookies and they are delicious!

  5. Debra

    I have never had a DT cookie.

  6. Tracy Zeppi

    Love DoubleTree cookies. They are a nice treat as a welcome to a home away from home!

  7. Teddy

    Yes, I have had DoubleTree cookies before, and they are delicious. I always tried to ask for more cookies during checkout!

  8. Teddy

    Do I like them? Obviously. Would’ve been great if they come with warm milk, too.

  9. Teddy

    You had me pegged at “travel swag galore”! Whoop!

  10. Jim F.

    Yes, I’ve enjoyed Doubletree’s warm cookies before and if a Doubletree property was on my way to anywhere, I would stop by for one every day. Talk about “comfort food”?

  11. Ricky

    Can’t beat a DoubleTree cookie!

  12. Dwi S

    Yes! I have had a DoubleTree cookie before, and because my husband is a Hilton Diamond, I always try to ask for double cookies. One time in DoubleTree Melbourne I was given 4 cookies for the both of us.

  13. Dwi S

    The cookie is one of the things I look forward to whenever I stayed at a DoubleTree. It’s like each property added their own flair to their cookies. Some properties like to make their cookies thin but wide, some like to make them thicker but smaller, things like that. Not too obvious that it would make the cookies substantially different, but it’s there.

  14. Dwi S

    For some weird reason, I love contests with unidentified prizes like this. It just adds to the drama.

  15. J.

    Good stuff.

  16. J.

    Hoping for a win.

  17. J.

    Good cookies.

  18. cnmaz

    The DoubleTree cookies are good, what a great way to welcome you to their hotel.

  19. cnmaz

    I would love if I was one of your winners.

  20. cnmaz

    Thanks for the giveaways and happy holidays!

  21. Mike

    DT cookies are awesome!

  22. Chris

    Yes Doubletree cookie are delicious

  23. Denise L

    I am currently at the Doubletree in Swindon, England and enjoyed my cookie!

  24. Denise L

    Love the warm DT cookies

  25. Denise L

    Thanks for the fun contest

  26. David

    Love Doubletree cookies

  27. David

    Thanks for the fun giveaway

  28. David

    Would love to win

  29. Karina

    Just had my first DT cookie and it was great

  30. Karina

    I would love to win

  31. John vilberg

    Many cookies.

  32. Andrew

    Their cookies are so good.

  33. Andrew

    Would love to take advantage of this offer, but a DoubleTree is so far away from me.

  34. phil gold

    love getting to the hotel and having some warm cookies waiting for us

  35. Varun

    Love the cookies!

  36. Dan

    Definitely indulged on the DoubleTree cookies!

  37. Dan

    I would be very excited to win!

  38. Dan

    Love the warm DoubleTree cookies. Definitely a nice treat when travelling.

  39. Matt

    Love the cookies, especially when they’re warm.

  40. Matt

    Back in the day I would host conferences at a couple of Doubletree properties and they would always give me a giant tin of cookies.

  41. Robin

    I have not had the Doubletree cookie before.

  42. Robin

    I’d love to win!

  43. Robin

    I need to get out my holiday outfit for Doubletree’s contest!

  44. Jen

    I don’t think I’ve tried them but I want to.

  45. todd s.

    i’ve had a DoubleTree cookie!

  46. todd s.

    I love DoubleTree cookies!

  47. todd s.

    I’d sure be excited to win today’s contest prize.

  48. Karina

    Good luck to everyone!

  49. Jeff M.

    More cookies! Yum yum yum!

  50. S. Bradford

    I have had the cookies on occasion. I did indeed enjoy them. I don’t really eat cookies much anymore, but if presented some upon check-in at a hotel, I wouldn’t decline them.

  51. S. Bradford

    I would be excited if I won this giveaway (or any of the giveaways during this promotion) Thank you for hosting.

  52. S. Bradford

    I love that the Doubletree gives cookies upon check in. Some hotels in Washington offer apples to guests (available at any time of the day and not just at check in.) I would be thrilled if I went to Wisconsin and was presented with a gift of Wisconsin Cheese upon arrival.

  53. Sidney Cook

    Yes, I love those cookies, I always forget until I check in and then I remember

  54. Sidney Cook

    Still hoping to win the gogo passes

  55. Sidney Cook

    Just made me think what would be better than cookies and I can’t think of anything, except maybe Tomato soup and crackers on a cold winters day 😉

  56. JRG

    Never had one.

  57. kodoma

    It’s been a while since I don’t stay at DT a lot, but my last cookie was memorable because it was still warm… what could be better?

  58. kodoma

    Also wanted to say, thanks for the generosity and opportunity to win! Maybe Santa and Lady Luck will visit me this season lol.

  59. Lisa T

    Unfortunately, I have never had a Double Tree cookie before 🙁
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  60. Giant Sis

    I’ve had their cookies – they’re pretty yummy – especially after traveling!

  61. Giant Sis

    I love cookies! They are definitely my dessert of choice!

  62. Giant Sis

    I wish someone would just send me cookies! That’d be awesome!

  63. PM

    I’ve had the cookies before, so yummy!

  64. Doreen Drew

    I’m excited to win today’s contest prize!
    The cookies are good although I haven’t had one
    in a while.

  65. Steve

    Today is a yes to all. I’ve had a DoubleTree cookie before, I like them and I’d be excited to win today’s contest prize.

  66. Steve

    All cookies are good cookies — except oatmeal raisin

  67. nbdona

    I’ve never had a DT cookie

  68. Rita A

    I have never had a Double tree cookie! Would love a taste!

  69. rmh

    can’t go wrong with cookies!

  70. r m h

    thanks for the contest. i’d love to win!

  71. r m h

    the best cookie is any cookie!

  72. Joe-SC1

    Yes, have had the DoubleTree cookie, although I am partial to all-chocolate chip (sans walnut).

  73. Joe-SC1

    I enjoyed my DoubleTree cookie. But just like the commercial says, can’t eat just one.

  74. Joe-SC1

    Thanks for the contest. I’d be excited to win today’s prize.

  75. Rich

    I wish they had them with. No niurs