When You’re the First Loyalty Program Member Guest at a Hotel, Plus Enter Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giveaways

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New hotels pop up constantly, and even though I’ve stayed at several newly opened properties (and advise folks that sometimes it is best to wait on luxury property stays until after the grand opening) I can’t say I’ve ever been the first hotel loyalty program member to stay at a hotel.

Lee with Bald Thoughts turned out to be the very first Inner Circle member at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood. I’d never even heard of anyone being acknowledged or celebrated as the first loyalty program member to stay at a hotel, and this seems like a really fun way to thank members for trying out a new property. I’m guessing that this is something Kimpton does at all their new hotels though it could have been specific to the Everly property. Kimpton’s Inner Circle loyalty program has always been wonderfully quirky, so this unpublished perk would certainly fit right in.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Hollywood (photo credit: Kimpton)

Of course, if the property is a Marriott with 450 rooms, the reality is that many, many guests staying there would be members of their loyalty program. At first I figured that the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood must be tiny, but it has a surprisingly large guest room count – 216 guest rooms and 12 suites. That’s pretty big, and it could be that there were several other Inner Circle members there the same day Lee was that also received the kudos.

I am wondering about other hotel chains too and what a good acknowledgement would be. A letter from the General Manager? Something special prepared by the chef? A coupon for a free appetizer or drink?

On the topic of freebies, today happens to be to Day 7 of Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways.

To enter today’s contest for a chance at GoGo 25 use passes, airline pajamas, or travel goodies, let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had the experience of being the first loyalty program member to stay at a hotel, what you think about the possible perk, or that you’d like to be the recipient of today’s contest prize.

Today’s Magic of Miles contest ends at 9pm PST tonight so get those entries in. Click here to read full contest details, and good luck!

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  1. Steve

    That’s pretty cool, I was among the first to stay at a new Moxy hotel, but it was very much nbd

  2. Giant Sis

    That’s cool! I’d never thought about someone being the first member to stay at a hotel!

  3. Giant Sis

    I’d love to have a big deal made over me – heehee!

  4. Giant Sis

    I love any kind of perk they give you just for being a member!

  5. Robin W.

    The little trophies were sweet!

  6. Maria

    wiuld ba alot of goodies , unfortunately not yet

  7. Robin W.

    I have never had the privilege of being the first to stay at a hotel. But, being a loyalty member definitely has its perks as I’ve gotten a few upgrades without even asking.

  8. Javon

    I was never the first loyalty member to stay at a hotel.
    It would definitely be a good badge to add.

  9. Chris

    It has never happened to me but I was odd for having Hilton Gold in Beiruit

  10. cnmaz

    I think that would be cool to be the first loyalty member at a new hotel. It has not happened to me.

  11. cnmaz

    I think the perk should be a special in room amenity as a welcome, a room upgrade, and some bonus points.

  12. cnmaz

    I would love to win one of your daily prizes. Thank you.

  13. Tommy Klindt

    I love when my loyalty is acknowledged! Never happened at a hotel. I would love to win a prize today!

  14. Rick

    I’d love to win today’s prize!

  15. paul v

    Been at a few hotels on first day (not necessarily loyalty guest) but never really received anything out of the ordinary for it.

  16. Barbara Lowe

    I would love to win today.

  17. Barbara Lowe

    Sounds great with all the excitement of first day open.

  18. Barbara Lowe

    Looking for a first day opening in Maui.

  19. Vet&Banker

    Never even close to the first loyalty member somewhere.

  20. Vet&Banker

    That’s a great way to be recognized though. And that hotel looks fantastic.

  21. Jean

    I would love to win one of the daily prizes!

  22. Jonathan

    I wonder if the extras also have to do with his blog. But would be a nice perk, though I’ll probably never stay on the first day, seems risky and possibly snafu filled.

  23. Denise L

    I’ve never been the first loyalty program member to stay at a hotel

  24. Denise L

    I like free drink coupons

  25. Denise L

    I would love to win any of your great prizes

  26. David

    Great giveaway

  27. David

    Have never been first at a new hotel but sounds fun

  28. David

    Would love to win

  29. Karina

    I have never been a first guest

  30. Karina

    I would love to win

  31. Karina

    I’d like to win any prize

  32. Luke US

    I would love to win a GoGo pass! 🙂

  33. Sidney cook

    We once were one of the first to stay at the Kempinski Munich airport. It was very modern at the time

  34. Sidney cook

    A coupon for a free drink at the hotel bar is always a great idea.

  35. Sidney cook

    Would love to win the Gogo passes

  36. u600213

    I have never been the first loyalty program guest at a hotel but I stayed at the Shinjuku Prince Hotel in Tokyo the first night it opened. I would like to win the gogo pass

  37. phxbne

    I have not, but a friend has. They got 2 of their 4 nights free -but I suspect that had more to do with non-working plumbing than loyalty membership…..I would like the pyjamas or travel goodies, not interested in the gogo

  38. david

    i’d like to be the recipient of today’s contest prize.

  39. Jen

    I would like a piece of that cake in the picture and to win a sweet prize.

  40. S. Bradford

    I have never been the first to stay at a property as a loyalty card member.

  41. S. Bradford

    Probably the only thing I would want as a loyalty perk might be instead of a free USA Today, getting a free New York Times. But all the rest I don’t care about. Probably because we spend very little time in the hotel room when we travel. The amenities that I like should be ones for every guest, not just for loyalty members.

  42. S. Bradford

    I don’t know what today’s prize is, but I am pretty sure that I would be thrilled to win it.

  43. Gigi

    It would be fun to be the first guest! Maybe they would offer a free stay?! I agree with another poster; Maui would be my place of choice to be a first guest! Happy Holidays to all!

  44. Gino

    It never even crossed my mind that this could happen, but I’d hire the marketing guy who gave out the oscars for first loyalty guest!

  45. Trev

    I was the first Lifetime Diamond Member at the Andaz Maui! It was cool for sure! Thanks for entering me in the contest!

  46. Bernard

    Never, but it would be great!

  47. r m h

    never had that privilege to be the first.

  48. r m h

    would love to have that privilege of being the first!

  49. r m h

    this won’t be the first time i say…thanks for the contest!

  50. Samuel

    A few chocolates/pralines would be a nice perk 🙂

  51. Teddy

    The first loyalty program member to stay at a hotel? Woah, I could only imagine the perks they might dole out. Sadly, no such experience for me.

  52. Teddy

    Uh, yeah I’d like to be the recipient of today’s prize. Totally.

  53. Teddy

    Possible perks? You mean as the 1st loyalty member? Chocolate in room? Complimentary dinner?

  54. Dwi S

    Nope, no first loyalty member guest experience for me.

  55. Dwi S

    The possible perk for trying out a brand new hotel definitely is interesting. Now if there’s a new hotel opening in a city that I’m visiting, I’ll try to stay there.

  56. Dwi S

    I wouldn’t start jumping up and down screaming “pick me! pick me! pick me!,” but YES, I’d like to be the recipient of today’s contest prize.

  57. Jeff M.

    Day 7… almost forgot!