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Room Service Review: Park Hyatt Seoul

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Room service at the Park Hyatt Seoul is available 24 hours a day. The menu is pretty extensive, so it took me a while to decide on something to order for a late lunch while staying at the hotel.

The afternoon’s selections: Dolsot bibimbap, traditional club sandwich with french fries, and banana split.

Tick Tock: When I called to place the order, I was given a timeframe of 30 minutes. It took 28 minutes and then there was a quick knock at the door. The total came to 80000 Korean Won, which is just about 78USD, including delivery fee and gratuity.

There was no tablecloth used, but the delivery person efficiently lined up each of the dishes (14+!) with a flourish. To complete the table, silver place settings and a tiny cactus for the centerpiece were added.


The french fries were up first. Hot and crispy on the outside with a soft inside, they were just right and disappeared quickly.


The traditional club sandwich came next. Sometimes at Asian hotels the American selections don’t always match what you’d find back in the US, but this sandwich was made exactly like the well-loved classic, and was quite good.


There was a small bowl of tomatoes next to the bowls of ketchup, mayonnaise, and hot sauce. At first I thought they were supposed to be a condiment and was confused what they were supposed to go with. Checking the menu again, I saw that the order included a small cherry tomato salad, and found it to be a flavorful side dish.


The Dolsot Bibimbap was my favorite dish. For those not familiar with the Korean dish, a raw egg is cooked in a hot stone bowl, which is then coated with sesame oil. Warm rice is topped with sauteed, seasoned vegetables and sometimes sliced beef, then it’s all stirred together right before eating.  Little bowls of add-ins like chili pepper paste and kimchi are provided, so you can customize your meal.

In this case, the rice was wonderfully crisp, the vegetables fresh, and flavors superb.


For dessert, the room service order-taker had suggested a banana split. What a surprise to see the kitchen’s take! I had been expecting the standard banana split with several scoops of ice cream, two halves of a banana at the bottom, and some whipped cream on top. This one was a petite version that included a tiny cone filled with chocolate. Tasty and original, though a bit light on the ice cream.


Utensils - ✔
Time from call to delivery – 28 minutes ✔
Temperature of food -✔
Correctness of order - ✔
Parting thoughts – Tasty and creative.

Overall score – 5/5

Park Hyatt Seoul

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