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Magic of Miles in Italy: Room Service Review – Westin Excelsior, Florence

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Trip Report Index:

1. Introduction
2. Transit Notes
3. Hotel Review: Bagni di Pisa Palace & Spa
4. Visiting Pisa
5. Visiting Lucca
6. Hotel Review: Westin Excelsior, Florence
7. Room Service Review: Westin Excelsior, Florence
8. Day in Florence
9. Hotel Review: Hotel Laurin, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy
10. Day in Santa Margherita/Portofino area
11. Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Milan
12. Day in Milan
13. Room Service Review: Park Hyatt Milan
13. Retrospect

Sitting in the Westin Excelsior around 4pm, I was looking at nearby restaurants online and noticed that many of them didn’t open for dinner until 7 or 7:30pm. Feeling a little peckish especially after looking at all the pictures online, I decided to get some room service to tide me over.

Items chosen from the menu: I ordered a Pizza Margherita and Spaghetti al pomodoro.

Tick Tock: The food arrived in a record 20 minutes, just as promised.

The total came to 35EUR, including tax & 10% gratuity.

The pizza looked like the one I’d had the day before, so I eagerly crunched into that first. Sadly, it was warm instead of hot. The cheese was ok but a bit rubbery, and the tomato sauce was spread sparsely on the pizza so I didn’t notice much of a taste. The crust was the best part, thin and crunchy.


A big bite of the spaghetti was next. Mmm. Hot and flavorful, I happily twirled forkful after forkful into my mouth. It was perfectly al dente, and the sauce had a fresh tomato flavor without being overly salty. Parmesan cheese was provided, but it was just packets so I didn’t use any.


Two drink glasses were included, though there was no beverage provided. Luckily, free cold water was found in the minibar.


A bread basket was filled to the brim so I couldn’t resist trying a few, especially since there was a container of high end French butter.



The sesame sticks were powdery, but the bread was soft and fresh. It was a tasty accompaniment to the spaghetti. Yum.


Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 20 minutes ✔
Temperature of food – X (pizza wasn’t hot enough)
Correctness of order – ✔
Parting thoughts – Spaghetti was delicious!

Overall score – 4/5

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