Room Service Review: Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

a stack of pancakes with a lemon garnish and sauce
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To start off a beautiful sunny morning in Torrey Pines, La Jolla I ordered room service at the Hilton for breakfast.

Here’s the Room Service breakfast menu –


The menu was a thin book that had been carefully placed on a table near the bed. Breakfast choices were limited to one page, but some of them looked good.

This morning’s selections: Granola yogurt parfait, red velvet pancakes, pacific omelet, strawberry french toast, berry banana smoothie, coffee, and grapefruit juice.

Tick Tock: When the order was placed I was told to expect the food within 30-40 minutes. It took exactly 40 minutes and then there was a phone call that the room service had arrived but I hadn’t heard the knock at the door. The total came to $107 (for two people), including the delivery fee and gratuity.


The red velvet pancakes were first to be tried. I’d never had that kind of pancakes before. The flavor was…interesting…a bit like pancake batter which was strange for breakfast and it seemed as though I was eating dessert. The pancakes themselves were lukewarm, but the cream cheese frosting between layers kept the pancakes moist. A side of berry compote came with the pancakes but didn’t improve the flavor any. I don’t think I would order these again.

The pacific omelet was huge and came with fresh fruit as well, so I unfolded it and spooned out the parts I wanted to eat – artichokes, spinach, pine nuts, and just a bit of the egg white.


The granola yogurt parfait looked good, but where was the granola? Not on the top to be sure. There was a layer of honey on the bottom, lots of yogurt throughout (not greek yogurt), and the granola was mixed in with the fruit layers. It was not crunchy at all, but gummy like cereal gets after it sits in milk for a while.


The strawberry french toast was good, and had a yummy cinnamon butter that I slathered on every bite.


The banana berry smoothie was heavy on the banana, so even though it came with a straw it was easier to drink from the glass.


Utensils - ✔
Time from call to delivery – 40 minutes ✔
Temperature of food - X (pancakes and french toast weren’t hot enough)
Correctness of order - ✔
Parting thoughts – Way too expensive for a good but not great breakfast.

Overall score – 3/5

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

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    1. Barry, it was for two people but I agree as mentioned in the review. Way too expensive. Thanks for reading!

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