Room Service Review: Park Hyatt Vienna

a sausage and a roll on a plate
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I wanted to test out the new Park Hyatt Vienna’s room service. Excited to see the new menu, I opened the leather book and immediately saw that breakfast was served 24 hours including freshly squeezed juices. They were off to a great start! I love breakfast, and sometimes when you travel you want breakfast at odd hours because your internal clock hasn’t adjusted to the new time zone yet.


I didn’t take pictures of the whole breakfast menu, but noticed that healthy smoothies were available from morning until late evening, plus they were extremely well priced.


I got a chuckle out of the “ham or cheese burger” and found there were lots of things on the menu that interested me.


It was dinnertime so I took a look at the main courses.


The evening’s selections: Ricotta Ravioli, Käsekrainer, chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, and a scoop of homemade vanilla and honey ice cream.

Tick Tock: When I called to place the order, I was given a timeframe of 30 minutes. It took barely 24 minutes before the attendant knocked at the door. The total came to 42 EUR, (about $56, quite reasonable for two people)  including delivery fee and gratuity.
The table was quickly set up, and I was ready to dig in.


The ricotta ravioli with mushrooms and spinach was hot and delicious. There was a slight lemony flavor to the sauce, and the portion size was just right but it was so tasty I could have easily eaten more.


The Käsekrainer is a Viennese specialty. The pork sausage has chunks of cheese inside and must be cooked carefully so the melty cheese does not come out before it is cut or eaten.


Traditionally the Käsekrainer is served with curry on top, accompanied by mustard, ketchup, and a piece of dark bread. One way of serving is known as the Käsekrainer Hot Dog.


A hole is poked in one end of the bun, and sauce is inserted – sweet mustard, sharp mustard, or ketchup. Sometimes all three! A bun was provided, along with curry, mustard, sweet mustard, and ketchup.


Even though I had only ordered one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of honey ice cream, the kitchen had given me three of each!


I had ordered the dark chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, and was curious what it would look like. I imagined it would be a bowl of chocolate soup, but realized when it was delivered that it was a pudding cake which made more sense!


The cake came with berry compote, fresh whipped cream, and a vanilla sauce.


The ice cream combined with the cake and all the sauces made for a great dessert.


There were also some dessert sticks. A sweet, soft pepperminty stick, and a crunchy caramel chocolate one.


Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 25 minutes ✔
Temperature of food – ✔
Correctness of order – ✔
Parting thoughts – Excellent food, well-priced, large menu…I can’t wait to order again!

Overall score – 5/5

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