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Magic in Italy Hotel Review: Sheraton Milan Malpensa

a pool with lounge chairs and a large window
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Hotel Review: Sheraton Milan

The Sheraton Milan is connected to Terminal 1 at Malpensa Airport and is easy to find after collecting your bags.


It was also easy to find after we dropped off the car too.


The lobby area has a wide-open space with lots of seating.


The internet area is just to the left.


I went straight to reception for check-in.


A nice touch was the free coffee and house phone below the world clocks. There were just a few people in the check-in line, and when it was my turn it went painlessly. I was given a Jr Suite on the 3rd floor which the hostess explained was conveniently on the same floor as the Club Lounge.


The elevators were behind reception so once I checked in I turned around, and found a convenient sign in case I was unsure of which floor to choose.


There were also flat screen monitors on the wall that displayed flight data for arrivals and departures.


I took the elevator up to the third floor and when the door open I was blown away by how large the hallway was. It was massive.


It took a while to get to my room just because the distances between everything are so big.


Stepping just inside the door there were two large wardrobes in the oversized hallway and a place to store luggage.



I wondered if all the rooms were this big, so I looked at the map on the door. It appeared that there were many similar ones down the hall, and I figured that the floorplan was similar on other levels as well.


The bathroom just off to the right had a tub with separate shower which I appreciated.


There were bathrobes, a large vanity area, back-lit magnifying mirror and a heated towel warmer.



Being a properly stocked airport hotel, there were two toothbrushes laid out by the sink along with tiny tubes of toothpaste and two razors with shaving foam for anyone who had forgotten theirs.


There was also a complimentary bottle of water.


After hanging up a few clothes I continued down the hall to the bedroom which was again, huge. The furniture seemed small in the large space.


The TV had easy to access ports for multiple connections.


There was a mirrored minibar area.



There was a coffee maker with the fixings.


The view was of the Airport, other rooms and one of the parking areas.


The windows had heavy curtains that helped black out all light for a good sleep. There was also a silvery metallic curtain nearest the window and I wondered if that was to reflect the light/heat.


The bed was plenty comfortable, and there was also a complimentary bottle of water bedside.


More outlets were near enough the bed so a cord would stretch.


The desk area was super long, and had plenty of power outlets.


I had stopped at a Carrefour Express shop in the airport on the same level as the hotel where they make a good sandwich, so I dragged the small but surprisingly heavy table up to the couch to enjoy a quick snack.


Near the fridge there was a cabinet containing glassware.


I got a chuckle out of the room service menu that had a small misspelling, can you find it?


I wasn’t so sure about the phrase on the front either, thinking it was supposed to be “whet your appetite”.


I went to check out the rest of the hotel, and found that the hallways on each floor were just as large as the one I was on.


Some areas had couches and furniture arranged around, but no matter how large the furniture was the rooms still dwarfed them.


The spa and pool were located on the first floor. The water was cool, the pool area was quiet and no one else came by to swim in the pool while I was there.


This one




There were several sun loungers.


After the pool I went to the Club Lounge to get something to drink. There was a space to enter my keycard for entry but mine didn’t work so I knocked lightly and caught the eye of a lounge attendant who let me in. She was friendly, mentioned that the lounge had free Wifi and offered to show me the lounge but I declined and just took a look around myself.


Espresso maker.


Champagne and salty snacks.



There was a beef stroganoff, which was a pretty hearty offering.


From the lounge I could see down to an outside courtyard.


I found several types of water along with a Nescafe station for hot cocoa and other drinks.


There was a nice spread of cheeses and meats, and some foccacia bread.




There was almost no one in the lounge so I had my pick of seats.


I didn’t need to use one of the desktop computers there but if I had there were several available.


On my way back to the room I passed an art gallery of sorts, which seemed a smart use of all that space!


I heard no noise at night from any of the other rooms or the hallway. This hotel was super convenient and I would stay here again. The layout was great for an Airport hotel and it had everything I wanted for a quick stay before an early flight.

Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Center

SPG Category 3 property. 7,000 Starpoints needed for a free night.

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