Room Service Review: Hyatt The Pike Long Beach

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Hyatt The Pike Long Beach doesn’t have a Club Lounge, so Diamond guests are offered complimentary breakfast in the restaurant. Alternately you can choose from the room service menu and eat in your room, which I think is a great option! There’s just one catch. 

The entire meal may or may not be covered, since each guest gets $24.50 to spend. If they had to make it a dollar amount I’m not sure why they didn’t just go with an easy $25, but since I was happy about having the option I was fine with $24.50. There were two of us dining and neither really wanted to go all-out with a huge breakfast anyhow, so we carefully chose items that would be close to the limit. The total with gratuity and delivery came to $53, just a few dollars over the covered amount.

This morning’s picks: A So Cal Frittata, Yogurt Parfait, two glasses of orange juice (not freshly squeezed from from a carton) and a cup of coffee. When placing the order, I mentioned that I didn’t want any surprises and specifically asked what was in the burrito. I was informed it was just eggs, ham, bacon and onions like it said on the menu. I confidently said I’d like one of those without the onions, please.

Tick Tock: I was surprised when the cheery room service attendant said it would take only between 15 and 20 minutes. I had been expecting a much longer wait time, and figured that surely it would be longer before I received the food. Only a minute past the 20 minute mark I was astonished that room service was knocking at the door.


Breakfast was served! It looked great.


The breakfast burrito was first up for a big bite, but before tucking in I realized that there were green chunks in the burrito. Not just a few on the outside but all over the place. What was that? Peppers! I called down to room service and she apologized. She sounded genuinely sorry and said they’d make another right away and bring it up quickly.



The orange juice was bland, and even though I knew it wasn’t fresh it didn’t even have that fresh flavor. The coffee presentation was thoughtful with enough for two cups (and two cups were provided) even though I was only charged for one. Unfortunately, it tasted odd and there weren’t more than a few sips taken.


The yogurt parfait was next to be tried. A generous portion of sweetly tart fresh blueberries, raspberries were throughout the granola, and there were walnuts and raisins. The granola didn’t taste house made, but it was very good and there was plenty of yogurt.


The frittata was thinner than I had expected since I had been picturing something several inches think. No matter, it was delicious! The avocado was perfectly ripe, the mushrooms and spinach were cooked well and the combination of all the ingredients made it so so good. The frittata had tomatoes but they didn’t make the dish overly watery. It was also piping hot.


True to her word, it was just a few minutes before there was a room service attendant at the door with the new burrito, this time without peppers. It was great, but since the peppers weren’t in there a lot of extra ham had been added to make up for it so it was still as large. Unnecessary but I was pleased it had been fixed and a new one brought so quickly.


Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 21 minutes ✔
Temperature of food – ✔
Correctness of order (menu listed and room service confirmed ingredients of burrito didn’t match actual burrito, but it was quickly fixed) – X
Parting thoughts – I’d pass on the OJ and coffee next time, but the meal was delicious and I’d order it again! Great Hyatt Diamond perk and great customer service.

Overall score – 4/5

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