Hotel Review: Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel

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The Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel is attached to the Airport…sort of. Arriving on a bone chillingly cold evening, I followed the signs along the pathway to the hotel. My teeth chattered and I shivered as my partially frozen fingers dragged my roller board suitcase. Up ahead, I saw an elevator. Sighing with relief as the elevator door opened, I reveled in the warmth of the vestibule inside. I had made it!


Then the doors on the opposite site of the elevator opened, and…I was outside again, following the pathway. The elevator had simply brought me up a level. The walkway was covered, but I hurried the rest of the way to the lobby that I could see up ahead.


Finally I was inside, and at once I felt toasty and a bit sleepy.


The lobby was warmly lit and had natural touches like wooden pillars that mimicked a forest. I checked in and was given a choice – a suite without a sauna or a corner room with a sauna. My very own sauna? I chose that room, of course!



I took the elevator up and when going down the hall i realized that it was quite wide.


The property rooms formed a big square, and my room was in a corner so big windows were on two sides of the room.


I set about putting my things away. There were three closet areas, but they weren’t large enough to open my suitcase up inside. There were some shelves too though.


Two complimentary glass bottles of still water were waiting on the table between two chairs.


sitting area


The chairs reminded me of Ikea Poang armchairs.


The bed had some built in cubbyholes on each side, one with a clock and the other with a writing pad and pen.

bed 2

Bedside table 1

Bedside table

A bathrobe had been laid on the bed so I wouldn’t have any trouble finding it.


A sturdy desk held a proper work lamp, as well as the guest services book and some hotel reading material.

desk 1


The bathroom was plenty large enough, with two sinks and lots of space.

sink 2

Everything was very clean.


The amenities were by Peter Thomas Roth.


Shower water pressure was great.


The star feature of the room though was the sauna!

Sauna 1

sauna 5

It was easy to work, all I had to do was touch the button to turn it up to 10, and then wait.

Sauna controls

How fun! I turned it on, and waited for about 30 minutes. Once it was ready I sat inside for as long as I could stand, and then a cold shower nearby was great.

If I had wanted more steam I could have poured more water on the rocks. A small pot and what looked like a soup ladle were provided, for the water.

Sauna 4

Small towels for sitting on were in the sauna too.

Sauna 2

It was the perfect way to stay warm on such a cold day.


For breakfast the next morning I went to the Executive Lounge on the 5th (top) floor. There was hardly anyone there, so I had my choice of seating.

Lounge 4

Someone came in to use the computer for a few minutes and then left.

Lounge 3

Lounge 1

There was a fireplace in the middle of the room, and the embers glowed red.


Lounge 2

Fresh breads were accompanied by your choice of spread.

Breakfast 1

There was a selection of teas, cereal & fruit. The breakfast offerings in the club were ok, but a little slim.

Breakfast 2

Breakfast 4

Here are a few more pics:



As a Diamond member I was also given the choice to have full breakfast in the restaurant downstairs, which was great. There was a lot more selection there.


This Airport hotel stay was really good. I appreciated that it was easy to get to, and of course loved the sauna. What a cool feature!

Hilton HHonors Category 4. 30,000 Hilton HHonors points for a free night.

Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel

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  1. Hi Melinda,
    I am going to be staying there next week and I was curious regarding the Executive Lounge.
    Do you recall their operating hours and are they open on the weekends? Also you showed only two pics of the breakfast spread which showed bread and cereals? Was there any hot items for breakfast at the Exec Lounge?
    Finally do you know what they served during the day in the lounge?
    I’m trying to see if I should pay for an upgrade to the Exec rooms with the lounge access and not sure if it’s worth it if there are no hot items for breakfast or snacks during the day.

    1. Hi redkitty,
      It depends on the cost to upgrade to the Exec rooms. I was there on a Thursday night so I’m not sure the weekend hours. I actually sat in the lounge for several hours during the day and it was open for quite a while. There were hot items in the Exec Lounge for breakfast, but it was limited. I’m attaching two more pictures in the review, which are of the breakfast in the Exec Lounge. Thanks for reading!

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