Penha Longa Resort B Lounge Restaurant

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When checking in to Penha Longa, the hostess walking us to the room pointed to the B Lounge restaurant and said it offered 101 Burgers! My mind tried to think of all the different delicious kinds of burgers they served. Since the FHR rate I was staying on included an 80 EUR onsite credit, this seemed the perfect way to spend it.

I was walking by the restaurant one day and was drawn to the rich buttery scent of free popcorn, which had been set up in in the lobby next to the B Lounge restaurant.


I grabbed my husband and propelled him towards the restaurant for a late lunch. The main room was packed, but we found a couple seats in the second room that was much quieter.


I pored over the menu, but only counted around 20 burgers. Asking the server, he admitted that they just called it the restaurant with 101 burgers. There weren’t really 101 but you could make your own combinations which would probably come out to more than 101 once you added ketchup and mayonnaise. I was a little let down but still wanted to order one.

I ordered a fish burger and the signature burger for my husband, the Penha Longa burger. The Penha Longa burger came with bacon, a double meat patty, tomatoes and a fried egg on top.


On another page of the menu I found milkshakes! I was wowed with all the choices. Pear, Nutella, Fig, all of them sounded delicious. I asked the server about them and he said they were delicious. It took a while to decide, but I finally chose a Nutella one.


The milkshake was delivered, and was super small. For almost 9 Euros I had been expecting a big, frosty, creamy shake. It was small, wasn’t thick and didn’t really taste like Nutella either. In fact, it was exactly like drinking a glass of chocolate milk.


The signature burger arrived, and looked great! Those two thick patties were juicy, and the combo with the tomato, bacon and egg made it so huge a toothpick was needed to keep everything in place. The burgers came with a small salad and fries too, both of which were really good.


The fish burger was delicious, and quite large as well. In fact, the patty was wider than the buns.


We were seated on the couch near a fireplace so it was a relaxed meal like it would be eating at home in a living room. Even though they were busy, service was prompt.


Next time I’d skip the shake but definitely get a burger again. Delicious! Has anyone else tried this restaurant?

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