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Room Service Review: Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

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Placing an order with room service at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo was a pleasant experience. The phone was picked up on the first ring, and on the other end was someone who was cheerful and helpful. As I placed the order I wondered out loud if something could be made a certain way. She said, “hold please” and then there was an imperceptible pause before she came back on the line to tell me of course, it could be done by the chef.

I ordered a large bottle of Aqua Panna still water, a Club Sandwich with a fried egg, and cold soba noodles. I was told to expect the food in 25 minutes or less, even quicker than the standard 30 minutes that most hotels offer.

After barely 20 minutes there was a soft knock at the door. A girl brought in the rolling table silently, and quickly set it up by the window so we could dine looking at the view.


The food looked tasty and we settled in to enjoy the meal.


The Club Sandwich was…different. There were large slabs of pork in there that were unexpected on a Club Sandwich and the bread was also too thick. The fries though were great – thin and crispy.


The soba noodles were delicately chilled, and came with a traditional sprinkling of shredded nori seaweed on top.


On the side were small dishes with oroshi (grated daikon radish), sesame seeds, onions and what looked like wasabi. After adding my sides I dipped the noodles in the tsuyu (dashi mixed with mirin).


The noodles were great and the flavor was just right. My meal came with such a large portion that I couldn’t eat it all. They were so good if I had been staying at the hotel longer I would have saved some for later.

Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 20 minutes ✔
Temperature of food – ✔
Correctness of order – The Club Sandwich hadn’t mentioned the pork slabs in the menu – X
Parting thoughts – I’d pass on the sandwich next time, but the rest of the meal was delicious and I’d order it again! Speedy delivery, wonderful customer service and presentation.

Overall score – 4/5

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