Room Service Review: Four Seasons Istanbul at Sultanahmet

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I knew that we had $100 credit because our stay at the Four Seasons Istanbul at Sultanahmet was booked using Fine Hotels & Resorts. Perusing the room service menu, the hardest part was choosing. Homemade spicy potato chips with creamy yogurt or lamb kebob?

Both of us were quite hungry after a full day of sightseeing and we were eager to try a bunch of different things. Here’s the menu –





Finally, I settled on the red lentil soup with yogurt, homemade spicy potato chips with yogurt, falafel & hummus sandwich, a lamb burger with fries, Cajun chicken strips and baklava for dessert. I could hardly wait.

The total came to about 80 EUR including delivery, though since we had the $100 credit the entire bill was comped.

Tick tock: Instead of the typical 30 minutes, I was informed it would be just 25 minutes. Even better, the food arrived after barely 21 minutes had passed.

The white linen tray was set just inside of the terrace door so we could eat outside or just inside with the door open, and a fresh red rose was placed nestled amongst the many plates.


A basket of fresh bread came with the meal. It was still hot when torn open, which was a perfect accompaniment to the soup.


The red lentil soup was outstanding. It tasted like someone had made it using their grandma’s prized recipe passed down from generation to generation, rather than a hotel kitchen. It had tons of rice and flavor, was piping hot and had just enough yogurt Small thin slices of toasted bread were provided if I wanted to dip them in the soup, but I didn’t need them. I polished off the entire bowl.



The spicy homemade chips were crunchy and the yogurt dip was good. I didn’t find the chips spicy at all, but those who are sensitive to spicy foods might. There was also a small container of freshly cut sticks of cucumber, carrots, and a tomato. They seemed to be soaked in a tart lemony juice so that when dipped in the rich tahini the flavor was great.


The Cajun chicken strips looked great, and my husband said they were perfectly grilled but there was nothing Cajun about them. He enjoyed the juicy strips.


My husband said the lamb burger was great and so were the fries. He said the lamb was cooked just right.


The falafel & hummus sandwich had super juicy tomatoes, and the falafel had a nice crunch to it. There was just the correct amount of hummus so that the sandwich was moist instead of too dry.



The baklava was very good. We were almost too full to try it, but at least managed a bite of each. There was a pistachio baklava but my favorite was the one that had a ton of thin pastry layers and lots of honey. Yum.


Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 24 minutes ✔
Correctness of order – ✔
Temperature of food- ✔

Parting thoughts – Outstanding. One of the best room service meals I’ve ever had. If you like Lentil soup, it’s delicious and only 10 EUR.

Overall score – 5/5

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