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Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Dubai

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Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Dubai
Day in Dubai

The time it takes to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is just 1.5 hours and it passed quickly in the back of the hotel’s air conditioned car. I stared out the tinted window as caramel colored dunes were replaced by tall buildings, and it wasn’t long before the car slowed as it turned to pull up the long driveway to the Park Hyatt Dubai.

The Park Hyatt Dubai has 225 guest rooms and suites, and it feels like a small and intimate resort tucked away in a Mediterranean oasis. Check-in was handled quickly, and I was pleased to receive a complimentary upgrade from a Standard to a Deluxe room which the host said had a great view. He told me about the breakfast benefit as a Diamond, but since I had an early morning departure I replied that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it this trip.


Even though the property doesn’t have a ton of rooms, it is spread out so it seemed that I was walking a long time before I got to my room. The hallway took me past some large windows overlooking the pool which looked so cool and inviting, and I looked forward to taking a swim a little later on. There were also four separate whirlpool spas at the resort, and 9 different restaurants.

Reaching my room I saw that there was even a doorbell, very cool.


My room was on the top floor, and even though I love the huge lobby at the Grand Hyatt Dubai there is something to be said for a smaller property.

Room layout

Inside the room, I went straight to the window to see how the view was. Wow, the room was right on the edge of the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. I hadn’t been expecting that, and loved the view almost as much as the little bird that was enjoying it perched on the balcony railing. Each of the rooms at the hotel has a balcony or terrace which is a great feature. The ability to open windows in hotels is all too often restricted, so when I come across a hotel with fully opening doors and a balcony it is extra nice.

Bird enjoying the view

A welcome amenity of wine, fresh fruit and nuts in silvery bowls had been laid out on the table for my arrival.

Welcome amenity

The chairs were quite comfortable and offered the perfect vantage point for looking at the TV on the wall across.

Comfy chairs
Welcome amenity

Instead of a standard bulky cabinet, a counter just under the TV holding saucers and the coffee set appeared to be suspended in mid-air as it was only connected to the wall.

The room was artfully designed to take advantage of every corner of the 560 square foot space. Moroccan accents around the room and a palette of soft ivory and muted pearl gave it a calm, luxurious feel. Even the arched entryway had an intricate patterned panel on either side.

Arched entryway


As I was putting my things away in the closet I realized almost as an afterthought that I didn’t have to open a door. There was no need, as there was a bar for hanging items and several shelves.

The bathroom had a low half-wall to separate it from the bedroom, but folding shutters closed it off completely or opened up to reveal a view of the water right from the bedroom or bathroom.



There were double sinks, and I liked that I could catch a glimpse of the blue water outside while washing my hands.


Since there wasn’t a ton of counter space, the area above the sink by the shutters had been cleverly designed so that there was almost a full extra shelf.

Shelf area

The shower had a glass wall with an exotic pattern of swirls, a bench, and built-in shelves for toiletries which were all nice touches.


The tub had a delightfully unusual feature for a hotel room – no huge overflow drain hole located too low down. After settling in to the room I decided on a bath instead of a swim in the pool, and when I filled it up and added bubbles (because all baths should either have salts, diaphanous clouds of bubbles, or duckies) I was able to get the water right up to the rim of the tub. Typically as soon as it gets just past the 75% mark the overflow drain takes over and by the time you get in there’s only half a tubful left.


I did a little work on my laptop and was pleased to find that the wifi was very quick. A set of diaphanous curtains shaded the room from any harsh sun rays, but there was also a set of thick curtains that worked great when I wanted full darkness.


I happened to fall asleep before it was nighttime and the bed’s sheets were luxurious with soft and plump feather pillows.




This was a very convenient hotel near Dubai airport, but it felt far away from resembling an airport hotel. The creek being so close is a bonus, as are all of the fantastic balconies and terraces that the rooms have. I didn’t get a chance to swim in the pool this time but did eat at a few of the restaurants. The staff was warm and friendly, and I would definitely return.

Park Hyatt Dubai Category 5 property, 20,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points needed for a free night.

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  1. Worth noting, if you use a suite upgrade (or pay outright), the suite comes with free minibar. While this might not matter to some people, alcohol is quite expensive in Dubai and adds up quick, not to mention hard to find outside of hotels.

    1. Paul, free minibar is definitely worth the mention especially in Dubai and I’m sure readers will find that a big plus. Thanks!

  2. Do you think this would be a good location for parents and a teenage girl over Christmas holidays? Thanks!

    1. Kate, I think parents would appreciate the serene creekside location, plus the 15 minute ride to the airport is great. For a teenage girl, the property is not as flashy as the Grand Hyatt Dubai but the mall is still only a 15 minute cab ride away. If you want to be right in the thick of the excitement this property may not be the best choice since it is not downtown, but it is still close enough that I think it an excellent choice. Thanks for reading!

  3. I commend your use of the word “diaphanous” twice in one report! It looks like a beautiful hotel.

    1. Chris it was indeed a gorgeous hotel, and thanks for the gold star! 🙂 I hadn’t even realized I’d done that.

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