Room Service Review: Ritz-Carlton New Orleans

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I’m a breakfast all-day sort of person. Add that together with my frequent travel and an internal clock that doesn’t always catch up to the right time zone, and I’ll happy dig into an omelet or some eggs at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, not many hotels offer anything at all from their breakfast menu after around 11am. Call at 11:15am, and it’s tough luck, pick something else.

Perusing the room service menu at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, I found that they have some breakfast items served all day. I called to make an inquiry about an item and also found out that they are flexible on their breakfast serving, so I could order breakfast even during lunchtime or get eggs in the middle of the night.

24 hour omelet
24 hour omelet

Even though I’d initially wanted breakfast, I decided on a local specialty instead – Hurricane Po Boy, along with the ham & cheese omelette for my husband, a piece of chocolate cake and a big bottle of Fiji water.


The total came to $75 including delivery and gratuity.

Tick tock: I was informed it would just take 25 minutes, and sure enough a few minutes before the 25 minute mark the food arrived.

The tray was wheeled in and set up next to the bed. The delivery person lifted the metal covers off with a flourish, and reminded me that gratuity was already included so all that was needed was my signature. Even though I knew gratuity was already in there, it was a nice gesture.


First up was the Po Boy. The flavor was delicious and the crunchy shrimp and juicy tomato were great together. There could have been more of the remoulade sauce though, as it was a little dry.


The fries that came with both meals were great. Hot and crunchy, they had lots of flavor and spice.

My husband quite liked his ham omelette, although he thought there was too much cheese.


The cake was rich albeit a bit dry.


Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 23 minutes ✔
Correctness of order – ✔
Temperature of food- ✔

Parting thoughts – Quite good, although a few items were a little dry. Because of the ability to order some breakfast items at any time of the day, we ordered again the next day and found the food even better than the night before.

Overall score – 4/5

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