Do You Use the Closet in Your Hotel Room?

a pink room with a white robe and ironing board
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One Mile at a Time showed us a glimpse into his hotel room today and mentioned that he rarely uses his closet.

Many times I find the hotel room closet too small and cramped for my liking. They usually don’t have enough room for me to open up my suitcase inside of and the sliding doors tend to stick. There is also sometimes reduced hanging room due to a safe or in-closet drawers. It’s almost like the closet is an afterthought to some rooms.

Closet at Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
Closet at Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

On the other end are great hotel room closets. They’re spacious and colorful (like the pink one above at the W Fort Lauderdale).

Some of them are sweet-smelling full walk-in rooms with velvet-lined drawers, tons of hangers and lots of space.

Closet at Park Hyatt Vienna
Closet at Park Hyatt Vienna

Recently I stayed at the St Regis Abu Dhabi for several days and while the room was lovely and luxurious, the bottom of the closet was where housekeeping stored the decorative pillows so I couldn’t put my suitcase there. It had a wooden border that prevented the suitcase from being opened up in there too so I ended up sliding the suitcase into a corner and taking clothes from there.

I tend to completely unpack in hotel rooms and keep all the clothes hung in the closet or laid out neatly in drawers. If the closet is awkward though or I’m just staying for a single night, I’ll just leave the clothes in the suitcase. Dirty clothes go in a designated drawer or bag, which makes it easier when it is time to return back home.

Here’s a peek into my hotel room closet today, and the floor. I admit I was tempted to pick up the dirty socks before taking the picture but that would have defeated the purpose.



What do you do with your clothes while in a hotel? Do you use the closet? What about dirty clothes, where do they go?

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  1. No never. I always get a double, then dump everything out on that bed, on chairs, and everywhere. yes I am a mess. I kid you not once at the Double Tree in San Diego house keeping left a note saying “we did the best we could” ….and yes I left a nice tip.

    1. That’s funny David! They must have just run out of time but wanted to let you know they tried. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh and for dirty clothes. I hang one of the dry-cleaning bags from a hanger in the closet and throw my dirty clothes in there which I then pack in my suitcase so the dirty clothes don’t mix with anything else in my suitcase.

    1. The dry cleaning bag is an easy solution iv, especially since sometimes it is already on a hanger. Thanks for reading!

  3. I always do! I like to get all my stuff organized in the bathroom and closet. This way I can also take note if I forgot to pack something which I may need to purchase.

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