Play “The Smart Explorer” Game by Le Club AccorHotels to Win Points

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Le Club AccorHotels is running a fun game called “The Smart Explorer” starting today through December 19, 2016 for members of their Le Club Accorhotels’ loyalty program.

There are 85 sets of 10,000 points to be given away each day as instant wins, and the big prize draw at the end of the contest will have five winners with 200,000 Le Club AccorHotels points each, which comes out to over a million points being given away.

The first time you play, you’ll need to put in your Le Club AccorHotels account number, first and last name, and email address. After accepting the contest terms and agreeing to receive communications about the game, there’s a box to check if you are playing in Brazil, and a captcha.

Instant wins are randomly awarded among those who play the daily game (called a Mission).

Just logging in to the game page gets you automatically entered for the big prize draw (for 200,000 points) as well. Every 10 days a new game will be available (Mission), and you can earn extra chances (known as collecting stars) at the big prize draw by doing the following:

Play within the first 5 days of the “mission” going live (collects one star)
Complete a mission (collects one star)

After I entered my personal details I was taken to a screen that showed I’d just earned my first star, by playing the game within 5 days of it starting (the game started today).


I was then given my first challenge (Mission #1) – to find my way back to my hotel without getting lost in the streets of Tokyo. There was some fun music, and the Mercure Tokyo Ginza was displayed on a map. I was to click on landmarks between my location and the hotel, and I’d get five tries.


Easy, I thought. I knew that the Tokyo Imperial Palace is just a couple miles away from the hotel, as is the Tokyo Tower.

I hovered the mouse over the lit circles, but no names were displayed. I clicked on one, thinking it would give me more information. Uh-oh. That counted as a try, and it was incorrect. I was momentarily puzzled about how I’d know which building was which, but then just tried to figure out which path would get me to the hotel the fastest. My second click found my location as a Karaoke Bar, which was a correct choice. I chose a few more random spots, but ran out of tries by one.


My screen then informed me that I had not completed my mission nor was I an instant winner, but that I could try again tomorrow. Plus, in a couple weeks there’d be a new game to try.

A virtual “passport” was shown, including the update for my progress in the game. As the weeks go on the stars and missions will get filled in.


I wasn’t too disappointed since completing the “mission” wouldn’t have necessarily meant I’d have won one of the daily sets of 10,000 points anyhow since they are randomly awarded, and there are still a ton of days left to try. The game itself was fun even though I think it would have added another layer of interest had there actually been real landmarks included to test the knowledge of travelers.

Here’s a link to the game page.

Here are the dates of the mini-game releases, so if you play within five days of each you’ll automatically earn a star (extra chance at the big prize draw) regardless of whether or not you complete your missions. Bookmark this page so you can return back for the new games.

September 26, 2016 – Japan

October 6, 2016 – USA

October 18, 2016 – France

October 27, 2016 – Italy

November 8, 2016 – Thailand

November 17, 2016 – Egypt

November 29, 2016 – Brazil

December 9, 2016 – Australia

Click here for full game rules.

I wish everyone luck!

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  1. Is this game legit? It’s not on a secure accor domain and it asks for account info. I found the link on but I didn’t get a reply there, so I did a Google Google search and found your travel site.

    Little help please?

    Is your account OK after entering???

    1. Hi reader. Yes, I can assure you that the contest is valid and I’ve received an email from Le Club Accorhotels midway through the contest to remind me to keep entering.

      I haven’t noticed any unusual activity on my account since I’ve entered the half dozen times I have. It does ask for an account number but that is to identify you as a member.

      Try using this link –

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