Giveaway: Gogo 25 Session Free Wi-Fi Pass!

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Flights these days can often be crammed and uncomfortable.

Thank goodness for Gogo inflight internet, which helps pass the time quicker and keep you connected with the world below. I love having the option to use Wifi onboard, and it especially comes in handy when I just don’t finish what I’m working on before the forward door is closed.

Although many airlines offer Gogo wifi, earlier this year American Airlines rolled out their next generation Gogo2Ku equipped aircraft.

This enables you to stream quite fast from services like Netflix and Hulu, giving you even more movie and entertainment options onboard. You can ferry yourself away to a land of make-believe or catch up on the latest shows, oblivious to passengers around you or lack of armrest space.

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Gogo has also received the go-ahead for installation on Boeing 777 aircraft, so they’re continuing to expand aircraft types that the speedy new service is being offered for.

I’m running a giveaway courtesy of Gogo, and the lucky winner will get a great prize.

You’ll receive a card that is good for 25 free sessions of Gogo inflight internet. You can use it on any flights domestically or internationally where Gogo is the provider.

That means 25 flights where you can catch up on emails, stream movies, and watch funny YouTube clips. For free!

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Here’s how to enter –

Leave a comment here on this post about what trip(s) you’d use the Gogo prize on, what trip(s) you’ve used Gogo on before, or just that you’d be excited to win!

You can enter up to 3 times a day, through 11:59 PST Monday, October 23, 2017.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. I have a couple of cross-country trips coming up from SFO to MIA back and forth. The long flights are perfect to make use of internet service and get productive…

  2. I have discovered that my phone does not work in Asia due to the frequency. I would be great to have GoGo on the flights so that I can catch up in the air on everything i missed without service.

  3. Planning an upcoming two-segment each way trip cross country and would love putting these passes to use there as well.

  4. Best ever use of Gogo was email to text exchanges with family on way to see newborn grandchild. Would use these passes on my regular flights on Delta to MSP.

  5. Used it on JFK to LAX before and would most def use it on any of the business trips and vacation I have coming. Gogo is great.

  6. I have 2 trips to from Anchorage to Vegas and 1 trip to LAX coming up on AS. I’ve used Gogo on all recent Alaska flights since they’ve announced free iMessage/Messenger and paid for Gogo on Alaska transcons.

  7. “How do I love thee (for offering this giveaway)? Let me count the ways….” I have 18 long-haul flights coming up in January of 2018 alone. I would love to be the fortunate one chosen!

  8. I would love to win these passes. If they’re individual passes I include a few in Christmas cards of family members with upcoming travels.

  9. I would use it to watch a ton of cat videos. At some moment during each one I would lean over to any passengers sitting near me (whether I know them or not) and point out any choice bits that they just absolutely MUST see! Endless airplane fun.

  10. I would lend the pass to my sister and niece to use on the few flights they take this year to visit prospective colleges around the country.

  11. This is awesome! I have 4 trips left for the year and started to plan for 2018. These passes will get used beautifully!

  12. Being the kind person that I am, I would share this with my niece so she could use the internet on her next flight home to visit from college.

  13. My bride of 35 years and I fly cross-country often to visit CA’s wine country (which really needs tourism dollars right now!) and to jump off on flights to Hawaii. This pass would be put to good use!

  14. This is such a great giveaway. I would be so excited to win. I would use the first on an upcoming trip from RDU to SFO, then on a planned trip to Japan. Arigatou gozimasu. (Thank you)

  15. What a great giveaway; thank you for offering this to your readers. I have a slew of long distance flights coming up where this pass would be put to good use and very much appreciated — including one I am calling MOAMR (“Mother Of All Mileage Runs”) — 12 long-haul flights in just 4 days to the Caribbean and Central America in business class.

  16. I have used gogo through my T-Mobile plan, but that was only 1 hour, I would love to get the wifi for an entire flight, say from JFK to LAX

  17. Use them all the time but it has gotten very pricey if you hop around various carriers and don’t have their monthly plan. Would go back to Alaska for the Iditarod in February.

  18. Of course I would be excited and thrilled to win a 25 free Gogo sessions pass. Who wouldn’t? I would probably invent excuses to fly more often than I already do just so I could use the passes!

  19. I had fully intended to purchase Gogo on our last Air Canada flight but then after a many hour delay added to our layover on the last leg of our trip home (Europe to U.S.) I just slept the entire flight instead of using the internet. But next time, Gogo it is!

  20. Sure could have used it traveling 12 hours on United rom Boston To Las Vegas last week while were visiting our granddaughter

  21. I have a flight from PIT to Beijing with a connection coming up and 2 children to entertain. I would love to have this! Thanks for offering such great prizes.

  22. A transcon in Nov, a shorter flight to Tampa in December and then I have 3 international flights in Jan that could sorely benefit from wifi.

  23. My travel companion is going to be so jealous if I win. I will have Wi-Fi access and they won’t (in my evil voice)…..

  24. I would put this to great use on upcoming transatlantic flights to VCE and CDG as well as mileage runs to HKG, SJU and MGA…not to mention our upcoming transcontinental flights to California.

  25. Gogo saved us when we had to book a replacement flight for a ticket that was accidentally cancelled. Left a very upset teenager behind with husband; while flying, I was able to use Gogo to save the day. She had to fly a redeye, but was in NYC within 24hours of originally intended flight.

  26. OMG! Great giveaway! I would put this to GREAT use on upcoming transatlantic flights to VCE and CDG as well as mileage runs to HKG, SJU and MGA…not to mention our upcoming transcontinental flights to California. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. Have been pleased to use Gogo in the air recently to and from visiting family in Minnesota. I have a work trip coming up soon where I would love to have these passes to stay in touch.

  28. I’d love the chance to use it on one of my DL flights equipped with the new 2Ku in addition to all of the other flights I’m on throughout the year!

  29. I have two long work trips coming up, one to Portugal and one to Scotland. The passes would be a great way to keep in touch with my one-year-old son 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

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