Glasgow’s Brilliant Solution for Missing Stuffed Animals

a child standing next to a group of teddy bears
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Vacations have many moving parts, and it is tough to make sure everything you left home with returns back again. This includes all those pesky electronics chargers (small white wall-matching phone charger, anyone?) as well as beloved blankets and favorite stuffed children’s toys.

As soon as you realize that Wubbsy the stuffed walrus was probably dropped in the hotel hallway, a quick phone call to the property can often help in reconnecting your tyke with their special friend.

What if the separation occurs in an airport though? On a multi-flight trip it can be near impossible to figure out exactly which restaurant or even airport Millie the purple mouse ended up in. A stuffed toy can add a layer of security and comfort to unfamiliar surroundings and routines, and when a child’s beloved toy is suddenly missing, it can spell disaster for the rest of the trip (and even longer).

a girl holding a stuffed animal

Glasgow Airport in Scotland realizes how heart-wrenching it can be for little ones, and released a video showcasing the “lost teddies at Glasgow Bearport” that they’ve come across in just the last three months.

If your kid has passed through Glasgow and is missing a soft plush toy, take a look at the lineup for a familiar face –

Hundreds wind up at the airport every year, and Glasgow Airport is hoping to reunite them again with their owners.

To make sure more teddies don’t get mislaid, the airport has introduced a “Teddy Tag” program. You can ask for a tag at the time of check-in, which matches a child with their soft toy.

After watching the video, if you recognize any of the fluffy faces you can contact the airport through social media or collect the missing teddy directly from Glasgow’s Luggage Point.

I think Glasgow’s program is brilliant, and hopefully some of the stuffed teddies will find their way back home to their eagerly waiting owners. Pass along the video!

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