Man’s Wacky Hotel Carpet Instagram Account Goes Viral

a close up of a colorful rug
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Carpet in houses tends to be understated and of a single neutral color, but not so in hotels. Often multicolored with bold swirls and designs, hotel carpet can be inspiring or tacky depending on the property. In huge casinos such as those in Las Vegas, you can even get disoriented with all the funky circles and colors.

Photographer Bill Young travels frequently for work, and in August of 2015 he started an Instagram account on a whim, sharing pictures of carpets he has come across in hotels. No people were ever featured in the photos, just closeups of carpet designs. His first Instagram photo was of a carpet in the Cincinnati Airport Marriott and he tagged it with the hashtag #imbored.

Fast forward to November 2017, a little over two years later. Bill had posted a total of 66 pictures of carpet designs, and had 125 Instagram followers.

Then his college-age daughter Jill Tweeted that all she wanted for Christmas this year was to see her Dad’s Instagram carpet art account go viral. Jill herself only had 815 followers, but something about her simple wish caught the interest of people.

Overnight, Bill suddenly got thousands of new followers and his numbers have been steadily climbing ever since. People are commenting on his Instagram photos too, talking about their favorite designs and what they “see” in some of the crazier carpet patterns. Something of a sensation, Bill’s account has been picking up steam as word about his unusual Instagram account is shared.

Bill now has over 628,000 followers on Instagram. Not only is he gaining a ton of new followers, but he has probably picked up some more photography business along the way. It is amazing to see the power of social media in action, and it looks like Bill’s daughter’s Christmas wish is coming true!

Want to see more of Bill’s carpet photos? Check out his Instagram account myhotelcarpet.

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