Review: Las Alcobas Napa Valley, A Luxury Collection Resort, Part II

a pool and a building with a fence and trees
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This is a continuation of a review of the new Las Alcobas Napa Valley, a Luxury Collection Starwood property. To read Part I, click here.


The Acacia House is the onsite restaurant at the hotel, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner is served from 5pm-10pm daily, and although the restaurant looked pretty busy when we walked up without a reservation, they were able to whisk us to a comfortable table for two almost immediately.

There were plenty of items to choose from on their Autumn menu, which you can see in full here.

Starters had a price point starting at $14 and mains began at $26, which was a bit on the high side. Everything from soup and starter to mains and dessert was delicious though with good portion sizes, and service was swift with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

After retiring back to the room for the night, I took a walk out on the balcony. I could see the rooms in the building opposite, and tried to guess how many rooms were occupied and what room types they were.

I discovered that while the balcony had overlooked the vineyard on one side of the room, the other side extended to some rocker lounge chairs overlooking the pool area. Even better, there was a fire pit in-between the rocking chairs.

The fire pit was easily turned on and controlled via a knob on the wall found just before the sliding glass doors of the bedroom. The rockers had just the right amount of soft cushioning and sway, and combined with the strong heat and flame output from the fire made for a toasty, relaxing end for the day.


In the morning, breakfast was served in the Acacia House from 7-10:30am. Here’s a look at their menu.

A popular seating option was on the gently rounded porch, though as it was full we were offered the choice of inside seating or a lovely table for two

The Starwood Platinum breakfast benefit is continental breakfast in the way of the “Acacia Breakfast” offering on the menu. At first glance, this was a really good deal since the price for that was ordinarily $39. There was a choice of seasonal juice or several types of coffees, accompanied by freshly baked pastries and a greek yogurt fruit parfait, or seasonal fruit.

Then I found that no substitutions were allowed, and if you wanted to swap in eggs instead of the greek yogurt (which were each $18 when ordering a la carte) you didn’t have the option to pay the difference or a even slight up-charge but would be responsible for the full amount of the new item. You couldn’t even choose the lower priced porridge ($13) instead of the higher priced greek yogurt ($18), which was puzzling.

I ended up going with the Acacia Breakfast just to find out how it was, while my husband decided to forego the benefit and just order off the menu to get the Chilaquiles (for $17). The breads and pastries in the bakery basket were warm, flaky, and very good with the exception of the croissant which was too hard. The Green Yogurt Fruit Parfait turned out different than I expected but was tasty. The Chilaquiles was the standout of the meal, with every bite managing to strike the careful balance between flavorful and spicy.


I didn’t spend any time in the pool during my visit, and although the property was quite full there were only a few others I saw taking a dip. Regardless, the heated pool was large and clean, with plenty of cabanas in the shade as well as loungers out in the sunshine. The pool area music was quiet enough not to be annoying to guests up on the balconies, and there was even a cozy fire pit with couches. As the property does not allow children under 16, there were no loud yells and splashes or safety concerns with the fire pit being close to the water.

Final Thoughts

From the bathroom mirror and the local soap to the fire pit and balcony, the suite felt more like a boutique property than a chain hotel. Of course, it is a luxury collection, but the hard product was just that good.

Many hotels are given the moniker “luxury”, but this property really fits the description. The Las Alcobas is a gem of a property, and as a Starwood Platinum I found the experience to be refreshing as I’d gone into the stay without any preconceived ideas (there weren’t even any room photos up on the website at the time I booked).

The Platinum breakfast benefit would be better if tweaked to allow a certain amount of credit rather than a single menu choice. That being said, the food was good and I can’t really fault them as continental breakfast is what Platinums receive as the standard breakfast benefit.

I loved the room we stayed in, and would love to return back for another stay. As a Category 7, you’ll need to redeem 30,000 Starpoints for a free night at Las Alcobas. With great location, service, attention to detail, great food and spectacular views from the rooms, in my opinion this property is definitely worth a stay.

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    1. Matthew, they tasted every bit as good as they looked! Next time I stay at the Las Alcobas, I know what I’m having for breakfast.

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